The destruction of the Wizard

He didn’t want to come quietly.

33 generic 24 combat

Zombie of the week

Necro grenadier

Necro sniper

Survivor Homstead
The Crew takes Sera back to Pa's homestead

Being a little battered the crew holed up for a couple hours to rebuild, and Regenerate. They tried to contact The Bunker in that time but were rebuffed by a stressed security officer as the Bunker was under attack by a Zombie surge. Since going there seemed to be out of the question they instead accompanied Sera back to her refuge. She lives in a refitted cistern. The entire thing has been built to the specifications of her father, who introduced him self only as the “Patriarch”.

Pa claimed to be one of the lead scientists working on the project and had many revealing insights to share with the party. Not the least of which was the information that the wizard would do everything in it’s power to recover the spike of Ral Khorax. The Spike is a soul bank that is currently overloaded with souls due the massive number of deaths caused by the zombie apocalypse. The masters will be drawn to it like a beacon in order to feast on its sweet contents. The Necromancer wants the spike because he believes he can use the massive soul battery to become a master. Finally Pa revealed that in attempting to kill the Necromancer with the Spike they might be able to cure her of the taint put on her by the Masters. They may also make her unstoppably powerful. When he realized they were carrying the Spike of Ral Khorax with them he immediately bribed them to leave as soon as possible.

Upon arriving in the Bunker the Work Crew was escorted to Randy Travers workshop where he, Elder Tibirius, Elder Aulus, and Inquisitor Lius informed them that they believed they had a saboteur in their midst. Two acts of sabotage and directly resulted in Zombie attacks and one resulted in many people being sick and unable to defend one of the attacks. The Zombie attacks were also coordinated with attacks on the bunker. The Crew was Portaled to the Cave Shanty where they were introduced to Inquisitor Barius. Barius is an inquisitor from Zone Alpha who has taken the job of security chief among the Refugees in the Cave Shanty. Given that the whole crew was exhausted and in need of rest they racked out for a couple blocks and we called it there.

The Temple of Khor
The crew enters the temple rescues a survivor and retrieves the Spike of Ral Khorax

As posted by Gozarian:
so basically necron was waiting for us at the top of the stairs, saw right through Glitch’s stealth/cloaking and started parley. while he did this, we noticed the spike of Ral Khorax behind his throne in some sort of sconce. anyway, he offered us a chance to work with him and not get killed by his minions (but still slowly turn) if we turned on Spetch and the others. To make the offer more convincing, he opened a portal to some zombie dimension of infinite zombies.

While Rhodes considered this generous offer, Glitch started attacking, freezing the majority of the horde and then burning them. We got a bit lucky when the centerpiece of Necron’s guard, this giant eviscirator, charged me, rolled a 1, bailed its luck save and nearly fell off the cliff. A nifty force bolt by Glitch sealed that deal.

Oi teleported over to Necron’s throne and tried to grab the spike, but got blasted by necro energy from the throne which laid him out, pinned behind the throne. 2 of the greyborn proceeded to just gut him so he was down to zero by 15 or so.

Rhodes spent most of the time trying to figure out different ways of getting the spike and powering up. At some point, we figured out that we needed to detach Necron from the throne by destroying these wierd feeding tubes/wires. near the end of the round, Rhodes made his way over to throne and managed to get Oi back on his feet (still round 1 folks!).

Round 2, the awesome magic fire burns through some of the zombie guards and Glitch pulls another trick out of his magic ass by putting a barrier over the infinite zombie portal. Glitch and Rhodes then proceeded to systematically hack away at Necron’s throne wires while Oi shouted encouragement and advice (but not encouraging advice mind you). Necron is starting to get more and more agitated since he apparently sucks when he doesn’t have a bunch of zombies around (Oi was doing a bit of house cleaning) and the 2 wall crawlers he had left couldn’t damage me and needed a critical to hit Glitch.

Necron had a few more tricks and started trying to command pcs (Glitch with the mental fortification was a nice bonus) and a time rewind to make people reroll strikes so he slowed us down a bit that way. By round 3, he was down to 1 wire and managed to get the wall crawlers to pin me to ground (ripping myself free was doing more damage than their attacks). Finally, Glitch took out the last wire and shut down the throne, freeing the spike of Ral Khorax.

Almost simultaneously, one of the wall crawlers catches Gltich on a RF bailing defend and takes him out with one hit (his armour is still environmental!). Necron gets off his throne and starts gnawing on my leg (this actually happened!). Rhodes is sitting there pinned to the ground by a wall crawler and Necron chewing on him so I took a shot with the big gun. Without his throne, Necron can take damage so now he gets worried and starts backing off. All the while, zombies are filtering out of the portal, cut off by the barrier.

Necron’s seriously worried now and seems to be trying to get out but Oi catches him with an anti zombie shot, and Rhodes starts a burst, blowing him away. they go down fast when things start to turn.

So, we called it there, Glitch is still KOed (but not bleeding), Necron needs to be finished with the spike, the zombie portal is still open, there’s like 20 zombie stalkers milling around and we can still hear that eviscerator downstairs making trouble.

epic fight.

- Thanx Gozer

The next phase of this intense fight was the extraction. With Necron 99 eliminated the remaining zombies were momentarily stunned. The Crew managed to revive the fallen Glitch and make their way down to the second floor where they had left Spetch, Sera and the other survivors they had rescued from Necron 99s Pantry. They found Spetch critically wounded and almost all of the survivors dead. Only Sera had survived the Zombie Evicerator by hiding in her cell. The Stun wore off and the zombies began to fight again. In a mad dash the Crew managed to get Spetch on his feet and flee back through the coolant flood. The coolant proved to be a much more difficult obstacle on the way back as the distance to be covered had increased. The crew prevailed in the end, with a little erosion and a missing foot the damage is visible but Sera would say “worth it”.

Necro Trooper

Zombie Desktop

The Central Repository
A trip to the library answers some questions

After leaving the Bunker the crew headed out to the Central Repository. On the way they encountered a little resistance but found the obstacles to be within their ability to navigate safely (for the most part). The arrived at the Central Repository without loss of limb or erosion to their equipment. Within the Central Repository the crew encountered a creature named the Watcher. He claimed to be infected with the same version of the Zombie plague that the crew has been vaccinated with, only he has been infected longer. He also claimed to have the power to see into the future but it seems that his visions aren’t always clear. The crew started an information exchange with him and he told them:

  • the necromancer plans to build a vast planet spanning army of undead using the billions of embryos of the revelers.
  • the necromancer is a corrupted Omnimancer, and that he was one of the seven taken off world.
  • The Necromancers tree (the tree of blood) must be destroyed with the Vital light of the spike of Khor.
  • The necromancer used his tree to make the zombie plague
  • The players are infected with a special strain of the zombie virus, similar to that of the graybone zombies. It has not finished invading their bodies yet. When it does they will be as souless as the lowliest Face gnawer. There is no known cure on this world, but there is a known cure far away on a planet known as Praxis 8.
  • The only way to the surface that isn’t over run and monitored by the Necromancer is through the main O2 intake accessible through the worker zone situated above the elite tower. All other shafts to the surface have been collapsed by the necromancer.
  • The masters consume souls, the zombification process releases the soul for consumption while turning the body into a weaponized Asset. The spike of Ral Khorax draws the souls into it before they can escape into the ether.

He gave them directions to the Temple of Khor where the Spike is guarded by Necron 99. One of the Necromancers avatars. He also told them that destroying the necromancers avatars would weaken him making him easier to defeat.

The crew set out to the temple of Khor and, once there, engaged the zombie throng that resides there.

Rest and refocus
The crew battles the horde and then takes a few days off

The horde surged and the crew fought. They were quickly overwhelmed and the battle was looking grim but they managed to figure out the Boobeast was keeping them from flying away and dispatched it as quickly as possible. The newly minted mages were battered and bloodied and the rest was crew was under siege when the flow of time stopped for the party. They took advantage of the respite to regroup and were able to escape with their lives.


Combat 24
Genaric 14

An hour or so latter they had opened a portal back to the bunker for a rest. The bunker had grown considerably since the last time they were there and they determined that a month had passed in what seemed like only a couple days for them. The people of the fissure had enlarged the bunker and moved the entire remaining population into it. Upon hearing the crews tale of the Omnimancers the Omish attitude towards them changed considerably, from one of grudging acceptance to one of reverence. Even the Mudtowners are impressed with the crew and everyone is pinning there hopes for the future on them.

The crew decided to spend some blocks recuperating from their ordeal and regenerating lost equipment. The Bunker Dwellers were co-operative with them giving them some quarters and being generally helpful. On the second day of rest the Ancient Keycom crackled to life and the Crew and Elder Tiberius where surprised to see a new face on the vidcom. The last survivors of zone Alpha were being over run and in desperation were attempting to make use of an ancient keycom. It turns out that the Necromancer had sent Ninjabots against them as well and the Zombie proof field they had managed to erect was destroyed. The Bunker Dwellers and the crew helped to relocate them to the abandoned tunnels of the old Omish Enclave where they are trying to hold off the horde while the Bunker dwellers enlarge the bunker to accommodate them.

The Crews interactions with powerful time traveling beings began to pay off as well as the Omish were guided by the Omnimancers to help the crew. They learned that the only item with enough vital energy in it in the zones is something called The Spike of Ral Khorax. The location of the spike is said to be in the central repository of Zone delta. The Cartography team used the bunker console to map out the safest route for the crew and they made plans to move out the next day. The central repository is the said to be the location of all the collected data for the project run in both zones. If there is a way out for the survivors the central repository will be the place to find it.

12 blocks with access to 2 zones.


Zombie Stalker

Chewface Zombue

Zone Delta'd
WTF is a quantum dimensional shift after shock?

Ninjabots handled, the work crew set out to destroy the portal into the omnisphere so that the necromancer would not be able to exert his influence over the Tree of Knowledge. They left the omnisphere in the company of an omnimancer who was going to sacrifice her/itself to make sure the portal was closed and the crew was safely transported away from the horde of zombies. Sadly plans did go awry when the necromancer took control of Multimix and sent him into the omnisphere to destroy the statues that anchored the omnimancers in that space. As a result the crew was teleported, as the the dying act of the omnimancer, and ended up in the zone delta reveler dome. As far as they know Multimix has been doomed to spend eternity in the omnisphere, whether or not he is still enthralled they have no way of knowing.In the reveler dome, they proceeded with the standby plan, sneak until you get caught. Everything was going well until some kid of ripple in the space/time continuum fractured reality and offset them in space causing the to fall into the midst of a zombie horde.


fell beast


Entering the Omnisphere
The Crew starts their ascent but gets sidetracked in another dimension.

So the crew began their ascent up the plasma vent. They stopped along the way for a few sight seeing tours picking up some Mines and other goodies. They found most of the hallways and passages in the areas adjacent to the plasma vent to be deserted and long abandoned (likely abandoned before the Zombie Outbreak). When they explored an old training center they discovered evidence that children once lived in Zone Delta. Children younger than they had ever seen among workers. Upon making making contact with the Omish back at the Bunker they were informed that the Omish have perfected a technique for creating portals between two locations. They can now open a Portal from one place to any other place provided that they know both places well enough. I takes an hour of studying a Holographic transmission of a new location before they can open a portal there.

Upon arriving at the training center Randy Travers gave the players some new technology which allows them (on a body save) to train and do other things at the same time. He took some of the Skill-o-tron juice in exchange for the tech but the former workers were willing to go for it. After a few blocks and a nights rest back at the bunker the crew resumed their journey and encountered an old friend; Luciana. She punked Oi but aside from that was rather cordial. Finally the crew moved onto the Translocation department where the mysterious Omnimancers were rumored to reside. They spent an hour with their Holo-recorder out but for some reason the Omish were blocked from opening a portal. The Zombie horde arrived and the crew fled before it. They met a beautiful woman, made of light, who guided them deep into the abandoned Cathedral of Om where they found another portal. She opened it as the horde arrived and they stepped through into an idyllic garden where they learned that the masters had brought the Omnimancers to the zone in order to enslave them and rob them of their secrets. The remaining Omnimancers guard the Tree of Knowledge" and they invited the crew to partake of its fruit.

The crew ate of the forbidden fruit and they all gained a new specialty (first tier) with Oi and Phlebus deciding to instead learn a new form of magic. The night ended when the Necromancer, whom the crew had spied as they entered the portal sent a quad of ninjabots through the necro-proof field that protects the portal and into the garden of the omnimancers.





Adam N you get 6 blocks, 11 combat and 16 genaric pool points, a first tier specialty (or magic affinity) and any 2 skills.

The second wave
Loot a Block and Sleep . . .

. . . or not. The room was looted and plenty of salvage was left on the floor. The party had used all it’s project blocks so it was decided that rest was a good option. With the borg on watch the others turned in. Then the zombies. Then the screaming. Then the decision that perhaps elsewhere would be a better place to be. The zombie attack might have been random, or perhaps they were alerted by the previous fight, or maybe they were sent as a response to Phlebus’ clumsy hacking attempts. Who knows. What is known is that radiation poisoning and paralysis suck.



Securing the tertiary backup plasma vent
some times it's the little ones you have to worry about.

The Crew pushed their way into the control room with every intention of clearing out the zombies and hunkering down for some repair blocks. The zombies, however, were not in a co-operative mood. The Giant Frankenzombie used a spare corpse to summon a few Zombie wall crawlers. While the wall crawlers were smaller than the Frankenzombie they were also quite nasty. Some highlights from the fight included Oi being used as a weapon by the Frankenzombie who used him like a man-shaped club. The Frankenzombie fumbling Oi and tossing him out of the combat (which he chose not to return to, incidentally). The testing of the new AoE rules that almost resulted in a rage quit. Firefly getting her grievous wound cherry broken. And a massive 40 DC damage blow on a 50 to strike by Plebus, setting the new record in this campaign (so far). In the end a well bloodied party triumphed (barely) over the undead monsters and the looting began.

18 Combat Pool Points
3 Genaric.

Zombie of The Week


into zone delta
The crew enters zone delta and begins it's ascent
The plan calls for the Primary plasma vent to be shut down so that the crew can use it to travel to the surface. In order to keep the power plant from going critical the back vents must be cleared. 2 out of 3 are ready to go with one vent remaining. The final vent is crawling with zombies (see below).

zombie of the week

zombie toolie

Also there are some rules updates this week.
Weapon Batteries
Ammo Pod
Jump Skill
Area Effect Strikes


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