Bunker down

After defeating the ancient gaurdian the crew bunkers down.

The crew took a long needed break to gear up. They built a nifty ,mounted cargo hauler. Used some skill-o-trons and learned a bunch about Zone Delta Zone Alpha and the Universe out side the zones.
High lights include:

  • There are other places known as “Off world” and “In Orbit”.
  • There are other test sites with additional Zones.
  • Zone Alpha and Zone Delta are connected through the bunker and constitute one Test Site.
  • The doors between the two Zones are large and the only known surveying key is a Keycom controlled by the Omish and kept as a Holy Relic.
  • Zone Alpha is almost completely overun with zombies except for 2 areas. One held by Elites. One held by a group of mixed human survivors.
  • There are three power plants surviving in Zone Alpha. Two unstable and one stable.
  • The Stable powerplant is held by the survivors.
  • Zone Delta is completely overrun with zombies. They look older and tougher than the ones in Zone Alpha, but fewer in number.
  • there is a way to the “surface” in Zone Delta.

After a few more blocks of deep analysis the crew managed to gather some more useful details including a map of the best route through Zone Delta. There were some blacked out areas where the cams and sensors couldn’t see but over all an optimal path out can be charted. The quickest easiest way out under normal conditions would be the Main shaft. Currently the main shaft is a nightmare of Zombies and hellish flying creatures (think Nazghul). As are the secondary and tertiary shafts. The lightest concentration of walking dead is in the worker freight elevator shaft. It is the most viable vertical egress if fighting your way out becomes necessary however the best way out is where there are no Zombies. Running almost the entire way up the zone core is a plasma vent that is currently active. Anything that enters the vent is instantly vaporized. Deactivating the vent would give you a completely zombie free egress corridor. The control station that controls the vent is visible on camera and appears to be functional.

The Omish
From the Omish and the Insane worker that had dropped through the river pipe a few weeks earlier you learned that the workers in Zone Alpha had been pouring higher and Higher concentrations of toxin into the sewer water for months. The elites monitoring Mudtown weren’t seeing any infection so they sent a work crew down to pour the toxin directly into the river. The high level of toxin in the sewers had contamintaed the zone sewer workers and thus started the plauge in zone Alpha. Unbeknownst to the Elites of Zone Alpha the Omish and the Mudtowners had been purifying the water supply with a large purifier built at the head water of the river. Recently the Mudtowners moved the purifier into Jimmys place for “easier maintenance” where they have been purifying water for their town only Squeezing out the Omish. The Omish have a well which supplies the town With a enough clean water to get buy but their crops are failing and will die without more water soon.
There are 11 genaric 11 combat.

Foes of the week
Ancient guardian

robo cat



Any chance that door can be picked?

Bunker down

not by you

Bunker down

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