Entering the Omnisphere

The Crew starts their ascent but gets sidetracked in another dimension.

So the crew began their ascent up the plasma vent. They stopped along the way for a few sight seeing tours picking up some Mines and other goodies. They found most of the hallways and passages in the areas adjacent to the plasma vent to be deserted and long abandoned (likely abandoned before the Zombie Outbreak). When they explored an old training center they discovered evidence that children once lived in Zone Delta. Children younger than they had ever seen among workers. Upon making making contact with the Omish back at the Bunker they were informed that the Omish have perfected a technique for creating portals between two locations. They can now open a Portal from one place to any other place provided that they know both places well enough. I takes an hour of studying a Holographic transmission of a new location before they can open a portal there.

Upon arriving at the training center Randy Travers gave the players some new technology which allows them (on a body save) to train and do other things at the same time. He took some of the Skill-o-tron juice in exchange for the tech but the former workers were willing to go for it. After a few blocks and a nights rest back at the bunker the crew resumed their journey and encountered an old friend; Luciana. She punked Oi but aside from that was rather cordial. Finally the crew moved onto the Translocation department where the mysterious Omnimancers were rumored to reside. They spent an hour with their Holo-recorder out but for some reason the Omish were blocked from opening a portal. The Zombie horde arrived and the crew fled before it. They met a beautiful woman, made of light, who guided them deep into the abandoned Cathedral of Om where they found another portal. She opened it as the horde arrived and they stepped through into an idyllic garden where they learned that the masters had brought the Omnimancers to the zone in order to enslave them and rob them of their secrets. The remaining Omnimancers guard the Tree of Knowledge" and they invited the crew to partake of its fruit.

The crew ate of the forbidden fruit and they all gained a new specialty (first tier) with Oi and Phlebus deciding to instead learn a new form of magic. The night ended when the Necromancer, whom the crew had spied as they entered the portal sent a quad of ninjabots through the necro-proof field that protects the portal and into the garden of the omnimancers.





Adam N you get 6 blocks, 11 combat and 16 genaric pool points, a first tier specialty (or magic affinity) and any 2 skills.



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