Getting out of Dodge

After the horror of the med bay the Party heads for the surface to help out Multimix

The party looted the med bay and then headed for the Reveler Dome. They had to traverse a rather unstable Worker Sector in order to do so. They crawled through access passages, bypassed security (and by that I mean got into a shoot out with security, were hosed down with a flame thrower, slaughtered some robots and decided that the honorable course would be to let the human flee) slipped past zombies, had a car chase and ended up in the elevator shaft climbing towards the light. After a few hours of climbing they were resting when another party of survivors climbed past in the shaft. They told the crew that the lower levels had been overrun with zombies and that were trying to escape to the surface. They beat the party to the goody pile and left them only sloppy seconds and a bit of food. The party did get a bit ov revenge when they caught up to one of the other workers at the top of the shaft. He had been stabbed and left for dead by his compatriots. After that the party managed to scoop a vehicle and drive through a rather subdued reveler territory to the serenity mall. We left off with the crew entering the park as night falls.

9 combat and 3 generic pool points were awarded.

Zombie of the Week
zombie chicks


Rolling a natural 1 to beguile at the security checkpoint. Awesome.
Having your only ‘container’ (plastic bag backpack) burnt to ashes. Painful.
Doing 12 DR on a crit to the fire-spewing Swatbot from hell. Priceless.

Getting out of Dodge

that one security checkpoint was classic: beguile our way through, natural 1. tech open the door to escape, bail and slag the door. cue flame thrower.

Getting out of Dodge

Ha. And I had a pass to get through the security check point…

Getting out of Dodge

BTW, how much of this applies to PCs who were AWOL that night? Points? Time off to recover from skill sets and/or use downtime?

Getting out of Dodge

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