Roof Party

File that under, "it seemed like a good idea at the time"

After slamming the door on the zombie horde the party headed for the roof tops. They found that the roof of their building was an ideal location for staying away from the lesser zombies so that they could focus on the Zombie Piledriver. Mr. large and in charge spent the first part of the evening batting around the PCs until they managed to send him back to hell. That’s when they decided to go back inside and fortify a little. They welded the vault doors of the exits and spent some time searching the net for clues on the where abouts of Mudtown. They learned that Mudtown is somewhere adjacent to the underground river that feeds Zone Alpha and that it is also close to “where the garbage goes”. They figured out that a Worker map might be able to help them determine some more details and some potential spots to start looking but in order to obtain that map they need to either go to a dedicated worker terminal that would have such a map stored locally on it or hack into the worker data archives and extract a useful map. Perhaps someone with close to the correct skills will arrive and help them find their way.

Zombie Piledriver

7 combat 3 generic pool points


This beastie was the toughest thing we’ve fought yet. It was virtually invulnerable to kinetic damage until we destroyed its shoulder platforms. It also consistently struck in the mid-20s which made it damn hard to defend against. But perhaps worst of all were its tactics. It had an ongoing 8 damage melting spooge attack that took down Oi and melted my Pacifier. It also picked up Rhodes and threw him off the roof into the zombie horde. Grapple saves the day again. Phlebus was one hit from death when we finally got it. All in he took around 50 DR as the thing relentlessly attacked whoever it saw as a threat (it feared energy weapons).

Tough battle.

Roof Party

Yeah sorry about that… I saw the hordes, ran into attack, tripped and fell into a Skill-a-Tron for 8 hours. Now that I am awake, I can see you clearly need a nice combination of Computer Hacking and Street Smarts to get a builders map and plan the best route from safe house to safe house.

Roof Party

the best part about this fight was when oi whipped out the flame throw and went all aggro on the horde, backed off out of range and had the piledriver climb up on the roof to follow him. also my kickass bionic commando action.

Glitch, your hacking will come in handy since our backup hacker tripped security.

Roof Party

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