Securing the tertiary backup plasma vent

some times it's the little ones you have to worry about.

The Crew pushed their way into the control room with every intention of clearing out the zombies and hunkering down for some repair blocks. The zombies, however, were not in a co-operative mood. The Giant Frankenzombie used a spare corpse to summon a few Zombie wall crawlers. While the wall crawlers were smaller than the Frankenzombie they were also quite nasty. Some highlights from the fight included Oi being used as a weapon by the Frankenzombie who used him like a man-shaped club. The Frankenzombie fumbling Oi and tossing him out of the combat (which he chose not to return to, incidentally). The testing of the new AoE rules that almost resulted in a rage quit. Firefly getting her grievous wound cherry broken. And a massive 40 DC damage blow on a 50 to strike by Plebus, setting the new record in this campaign (so far). In the end a well bloodied party triumphed (barely) over the undead monsters and the looting began.

18 Combat Pool Points
3 Genaric.

Zombie of The Week



For the record, it was 44DR (22DR Tenderizer). :)

What a roller coaster of a combat that was… I think maybe we need ‘sacrifice to save equipment’ Grievous Wounds rules. Phlebus is thinking maybe he’d rather take a Wound than lose more equipment!


that’s funny I was just thinking that maybe a defend and a save was too generous. That at higher levels the save will be almost automatic and that if any way to avoid the damage on equipment exists it should probably be part of the random role. Taking a grievous wound is an interesting idea though. I might go for that.


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