Survivor Homstead

The Crew takes Sera back to Pa's homestead

Being a little battered the crew holed up for a couple hours to rebuild, and Regenerate. They tried to contact The Bunker in that time but were rebuffed by a stressed security officer as the Bunker was under attack by a Zombie surge. Since going there seemed to be out of the question they instead accompanied Sera back to her refuge. She lives in a refitted cistern. The entire thing has been built to the specifications of her father, who introduced him self only as the “Patriarch”.

Pa claimed to be one of the lead scientists working on the project and had many revealing insights to share with the party. Not the least of which was the information that the wizard would do everything in it’s power to recover the spike of Ral Khorax. The Spike is a soul bank that is currently overloaded with souls due the massive number of deaths caused by the zombie apocalypse. The masters will be drawn to it like a beacon in order to feast on its sweet contents. The Necromancer wants the spike because he believes he can use the massive soul battery to become a master. Finally Pa revealed that in attempting to kill the Necromancer with the Spike they might be able to cure her of the taint put on her by the Masters. They may also make her unstoppably powerful. When he realized they were carrying the Spike of Ral Khorax with them he immediately bribed them to leave as soon as possible.

Upon arriving in the Bunker the Work Crew was escorted to Randy Travers workshop where he, Elder Tibirius, Elder Aulus, and Inquisitor Lius informed them that they believed they had a saboteur in their midst. Two acts of sabotage and directly resulted in Zombie attacks and one resulted in many people being sick and unable to defend one of the attacks. The Zombie attacks were also coordinated with attacks on the bunker. The Crew was Portaled to the Cave Shanty where they were introduced to Inquisitor Barius. Barius is an inquisitor from Zone Alpha who has taken the job of security chief among the Refugees in the Cave Shanty. Given that the whole crew was exhausted and in need of rest they racked out for a couple blocks and we called it there.


you change gender pronouns when talking about the necromancer. is this a pre-op transsexual situation here?

Survivor Homstead

it’s gender is beyond your punny human comprehension!

Survivor Homstead

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