The Central Repository

A trip to the library answers some questions

After leaving the Bunker the crew headed out to the Central Repository. On the way they encountered a little resistance but found the obstacles to be within their ability to navigate safely (for the most part). The arrived at the Central Repository without loss of limb or erosion to their equipment. Within the Central Repository the crew encountered a creature named the Watcher. He claimed to be infected with the same version of the Zombie plague that the crew has been vaccinated with, only he has been infected longer. He also claimed to have the power to see into the future but it seems that his visions aren’t always clear. The crew started an information exchange with him and he told them:

  • the necromancer plans to build a vast planet spanning army of undead using the billions of embryos of the revelers.
  • the necromancer is a corrupted Omnimancer, and that he was one of the seven taken off world.
  • The Necromancers tree (the tree of blood) must be destroyed with the Vital light of the spike of Khor.
  • The necromancer used his tree to make the zombie plague
  • The players are infected with a special strain of the zombie virus, similar to that of the graybone zombies. It has not finished invading their bodies yet. When it does they will be as souless as the lowliest Face gnawer. There is no known cure on this world, but there is a known cure far away on a planet known as Praxis 8.
  • The only way to the surface that isn’t over run and monitored by the Necromancer is through the main O2 intake accessible through the worker zone situated above the elite tower. All other shafts to the surface have been collapsed by the necromancer.
  • The masters consume souls, the zombification process releases the soul for consumption while turning the body into a weaponized Asset. The spike of Ral Khorax draws the souls into it before they can escape into the ether.

He gave them directions to the Temple of Khor where the Spike is guarded by Necron 99. One of the Necromancers avatars. He also told them that destroying the necromancers avatars would weaken him making him easier to defeat.

The crew set out to the temple of Khor and, once there, engaged the zombie throng that resides there.



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