The second wave

Loot a Block and Sleep . . .

. . . or not. The room was looted and plenty of salvage was left on the floor. The party had used all it’s project blocks so it was decided that rest was a good option. With the borg on watch the others turned in. Then the zombies. Then the screaming. Then the decision that perhaps elsewhere would be a better place to be. The zombie attack might have been random, or perhaps they were alerted by the previous fight, or maybe they were sent as a response to Phlebus’ clumsy hacking attempts. Who knows. What is known is that radiation poisoning and paralysis suck.




godamn that was tough fight. 3 pcs vs a coordinated zombie attack (both entrances to our hideyhole were blown open simultaneously. these fuckers are getting smarter). I bailed my fortify so I started the fight down 11 dc. if we hadn’t been able to bust out of the office there, we all would have been dead in the first round from repeated aoe.

somebody was paralyzed? you think something like that would have more of an impact on the fight?

The second wave

I’m concerned that we are now fighting zombies that can survive a critical head shot and then hit you from range with RF-bypassing, Armor bypassing, direct to brain damage . THATS SCARY.

The second wave

Imagine what the next tier will be like :o

The second wave

Those mines are pretty nasty. AP 45 is particularly scary.

Is the default range for mines “1 hex per level”? The Proximity Mine doesn’t specifically say what it’s AOE is.

The second wave

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