Zone Delta'd

WTF is a quantum dimensional shift after shock?

Ninjabots handled, the work crew set out to destroy the portal into the omnisphere so that the necromancer would not be able to exert his influence over the Tree of Knowledge. They left the omnisphere in the company of an omnimancer who was going to sacrifice her/itself to make sure the portal was closed and the crew was safely transported away from the horde of zombies. Sadly plans did go awry when the necromancer took control of Multimix and sent him into the omnisphere to destroy the statues that anchored the omnimancers in that space. As a result the crew was teleported, as the the dying act of the omnimancer, and ended up in the zone delta reveler dome. As far as they know Multimix has been doomed to spend eternity in the omnisphere, whether or not he is still enthralled they have no way of knowing.In the reveler dome, they proceeded with the standby plan, sneak until you get caught. Everything was going well until some kid of ripple in the space/time continuum fractured reality and offset them in space causing the to fall into the midst of a zombie horde.


fell beast



zombie of week 2 is so bulbous! it’s bulbosity threatens my sanity!

but yeah, last session was a bit confusing. I’m half expecting to wake up and realize this whole zombie thing was an extended dream sequence;)

Zone Delta'd

Its only confusing if you try to comprehend that which is beyond our comprehension.

Zone Delta'd

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