Exo-system Option - Flight Platform

Turn your Mek into a flier


Flight Platform
Any platform on an Exo-system can be converted into a Flight Platform. The entire platform must be converted, it is not possible to partially convert a platform. Once converted the flight platform will enable the exo-pilot to hover and fly. Hovering alows the character to move at realatively slow speeds and is useful for maneuvering in enclosed areas. The maximu speed that the pilot can move while hovering is 2 per flight platform. Flight platforms also allow the pilot to move at high speeds. This is useful for traveling long distances or fighting in open air. The maximum speed that a the Exo-system can attain while flying in this mode is 1 Airspeed per EU spent on Flight platforms.
cost: 1000 per EU


Exo-system Option - Flight Platform

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