Implant Exoskeleton

This bionetic implant covers the Augment in an insectile casing


By splicing insect DNA with the donor’s genetic material, an exoskeleton can be created. Bionetic exoskeletons are the best living armor technology has to offer. Because they heal at the normal rate, and can repair themselves over time, this modification is ideal for long term military missions. They can also be repaired by Type F Nano-Knitters, any High-Tech Medical Devices, and healing Spells. It is not possible to wear Armor over an exoskeleton.

Level: Varies
Implant type: Bionetic
Cost: 1000 per level
Prerequisite: Armour skill must be equal to or greater than the Exoskeletons level
AC: 2 per level
RF: 0
-1 to stealth DF checks at levels 7 and 10

Requires Skeletal Reinforcement upgrade to support an Exoskeleton over level 6.


Implant Exoskeleton

Z.A. amarbiter