Implant Hide

Thickened skin that acts as armour


Human skin can be hardened into an armor-like consistency, equivalent to a natural Hide, with this Bionetic process. Two different thicknesses of Hide are available; Light Hide is supple and looks like natural skin, while Heavy Hide is thick and gray and obviously unnatural looking. Hide Does not require the Armour Skill to use. Hide cab e healed and regenerates naturally with rest (regenerates to full after 8 hours sleep). It is not possible to wear Armor over Hide.

Level: Varies
Implant type: Bionetic
Cost: 1000 per level
AC: 1 per level
RF: 0
-1 to stealth DF checks at levels 7 and 10
Any hide Level 6 or lower is considered Light Hide
Any Hide over level 7 is considered Heavy Hide.


Implant Hide

Z.A. amarbiter