Food and water



Level 1
Size: Small
cost: 50
enough food and water for 1 day

Fodder is your average everyday whole food. It isn’t preserved in any way and will spoil in 1-10 days depending on what it is.

Canned goods
Level 4
Size: Small
cost: 200
enough food and water for 2 days

This preserved food last months at a time and is more concentrated than fodder.

Concentrated Rations
Level 7
Size: Small
cost: 350
enough food and water for 3 days

Designed for long storage and ruggedly handling Concentrated rations use nanotechnology to compress and preserve prepared foods. Uppon exposure to air the meals rapidly expand as well as under going endo and exothermic processes to ensure that the food is at a perfect serving temperature.

Nutrient Packs

Level 10
Size: Small
cost: 500
enough food and water for 4 days

They don’t taste like much but they get the job done. Designed for long term deployment in hostile environments, Nutrient Packs, contain a complete meal in paste form. In addition to essential nutrients, nanobots in the paste make the eaters GI system 95% more efficient having the dual effect of both reducing food requirement, as well as, reducing bodily waste by an equal amount.



Z.A. amarbiter