Weapon Batteries

Exo-system and vehicle mounted ranged weapons

weapon (ranged)

High tech mounted weapon batteries come in two basic flavours; Energy and Kinetic.


Mounted Energy weapons have the advantage of being able to use the exosystems Fusion Cell as a source of power. Thus they do not require additional ammo. They draw back of such weapons is that they are expensive to produce and cost more to buy.

COST: 2,000 chips per EU

Plasma Ejector    DR1/EU     Burn1/EU    Burst 1/2 EUs    AoE 5hexes long +1/EU 2Hexes wide +1/2EUs
Cryo Ejector    DR2/EU    Cold1/2 EU    AoE 5hexes long +1/EU 2Hexes wide +1/2EUs
Pulse Laser    DR2/EU    Burst1/EU    PD1    Range 100 feet per EU
Beam Laser    DR2/EU    PD1/2EUs    Range 150 feet per EU
Tazer    DR1/EU    shock1/EU    Burst1/2EUs    Range 50 feet/EU


Kinetic weapons are much cheaper than Energy weapon but require constant feeding. Kinetic weapons have a payload of 12 rounds after that the weapon requires reloading. Reloading these large weapons takes an action in combat and requires the loader to have access to the weapon (i.e. you have to get out of vehicles to reload their weapons).

COST: 500 chips per EU

Rail Gun    DR2/EU    AP-5/EU    Burst1/2EU    Range 100 feet/EU
Needler    DR2/EU    Bleed1/2EU    AoE 5hexes long +1/EU 2Hexes wide +1/2EUs
Concusion Cannon    DR3/EU    Pain 1 @1,4,7,10 EUs that lasts 1 round per EU    Range 150 feet/ EU
Mini Gun    DR2/EU    Burst1/EU    AP-5/2EUs    Range 100 feet/EU
Pellet Gun (acid)    DR2/EU    Acid1/2 EUs    Range 50 feet/EU
Pellet Gun (poison)    DR2/EU    Poison1/EU    Range 50 feet/EU

AMMO COST 1 Chip/EU Each


Weapon Batteries

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