EBA - Workhorse

A Decent EBA on level 6 body armour


Work Horse Body Armour
AC18 RF2

  • EBA level 6 PR6
  • Jump boots Level 4
  • Sensors 2
  • Low Light Vision 2
  • 6 slots of storage (2 combat ready hangers and a 4 slot hip sack)
  • combat ready medium Multitool (grapple, 2 computer upgrades, a tool kit, flash light, Holo recorder, Variable Port and The following level 6 computer programs, Communication systems, Science, Mechanics, Computer Programming, Computer Hacking, Survival, Vehicle Engineering and Body Armour Engineering.
  • Level 7 Regenerative Armour Plating (3/round)
    Total Cost 79475

Don’t ask EustaceWhere he found it.

EBA - Workhorse

Z.A. amarbiter