Purification Daze
The crew saves the town but it is still doomed.

The crew united the people of the fissure only to see them swept away under a tide of zombies. They felkl back to the bunker with a contingent of Omish. The way forward into Zone Delta is open and they have sent a probe through. It discovered an inert robot.

Zombie of the week



The Rescue of Spetch
The crew battles wraiths in the haunted mine.

The Crew battled the Wraiths defeating them handily. Glitch was killed by the wraiths but has been revived with a little CPR from the medics (I think the borg compresses and Oi makes out with victim usually). Then Glitch performed an miracle of Om and revived Elizabeth Warren. The crew gathered as many of the essence crystals as they could carry and left the caves after spending a few blocks there.

The console in the cave contained a personal log of the Lucid Wraith you did battle with. His name was Lucius and he was millenia old. His log recounted the tail of the overrun of Zone Alpha in a previous Epoch. The experiment that was carried out in his time was one that weaponized a curse and used it’s victims to collect the life essences of other creatures. Lucius had once been an ambitious deacon of Om before he was cursed to wraithdom but his ambitions served him well even as a wraith. He was lucky (as lucky as a doomed and cursed soul can be)and he turned into a Lucid Wraith the odds of doing so were about 1 in 10. He and the other lucid wraiths were able to turn all of the workers and elites in Zone Alpha and by the end they had turned the reveler dome into naught but a farm for life essence. When the cataclysm came that ended his Epoch (what it was is unclear from his recordings). He some how managed to survive by using the fauna of the caves where you found him. The spiders were being used in a hibernation experiment and their ability to preserve things for extended periods of time came in handy to the wraith. He had slept for long periods letting the small eco-system in the cave flourish. Then he would awaken, drain everything of its essence, store it in the crystals, and slumber again until the eco system restored itself. This sustained him for a very long time (possibly multiple Epochs) until the miners opened his cave. One recent entry mentioned that he was “making preparations to release the curse anew”. How far he got in those preparations is anyone’s guess.

The crew took their harvested essence crystals along with Spetch and Beth to the Omish Compound, hoping that they would be able to restore them. The Omish told them the crystals contained the essence of life but not the creatures immortal souls. They offered to trade for them and the crew took them up on that. The bad news was that nobody in the fissure has high enough spell casting ability to return Spetch’s attributes to normal. He will for ever be a shadow of his former self.

With 10 blocks to go until the ribbon cutting for purification day the crew looks to settle down for some endless upgrades.

5 blocks
11 combat
14 genaric



Into the haunted mine

The crew waited for four hours and then entered the Haunted mine. The mine had intersected with an existing cave system. They were intrigued by the fact the eco system within the cave was different from anything they had seen before. They cleared out a minor arachnid menace and found Elizabeth Warren. Unfortunately CPR could not help her. There remains a faint hope that perhaps the Omish have powerful enough magic to revive her. They continued to explore the caves and found a strange glowing crystal structure that has some kind of self sustaining energy within. They left it and continued on in search of Spetch. They found him in a large chamber filled that also contains some cages and more crystals along with an ancient console. It also contained some nasty looking creatures that seem to have ill intentions.


Lucid Wraith

Purification Day!
A slew of negotiations go mostly right.

As the crew took their leave of the Amish they were approached by Disciple Luciana She offered them a trade that involved them getting her a good look at the inside of Jimmy’s place in exchange for a viewing session with the Bunker Key. She gave them a couple of elixirs and went on her way.

The Crew then talked to Jimmy to see if what the Omish had said about him moving the purifier was true. It was but how much Jimmy had to do with it directly was a little unclear. The crew then went to vist Randy Travers to see if he was interested in the trading for a power converter. During that conversation they hit on a plan to purify the river as a part of river daze (an up coming Mudtown festival). Meanwhile the other half of the party was talking to Dr. Forester and Jenny the docs Assistant about testing the water to see if it was infected with the zombie plauge (it was but at very diluted concentration). Next the crew went off to speak to Eustace to see of he would trade for something for their power converter and he offered them 100K worth of gear each from his salvage yard as long as they named the water purifier after him. He also told them to talk to Mandrake in order to get the pickers to mobilize behind the River Purification project. After a brief conversation with the crazy picker they were able to get him on board, all it took was the mention of zombies. Once the pickers had been brought into the picture it was back to Mudtown to try and get the Mayor and the rest of the council on board. The rogue and the mayor had a bit of PR dual going when Counsel woman Ursula entered the debate. She was being swayed by the crowd when the doctor and Jenny arrived with their sample. Once Ursala and Ryan had seen the water sample and Zombie montage compiled by the crew they were swayed enough to endorse Purification Day.

With that victory the crew set off to find their friend Spetch 227 who had last been spotted near the Warren family homestead. They went down and talked to Olivia Warren to see if she had any news. She told them that Spetch Elizabeth had gone into a sealed off mine area where more than a few people had gone missing. She gave the crew a guide to show them the way and wished them good hunting.

Eustace Haul

What Eustace has in quantity makes up for the lack of quality.
The following restrictions apply to items taken from Eustace’s salvage yard:

  • One item @ level 7 per player all other gear you get from Eustace must be 6th level or lower.
  • No prototype weapons no prototype ammo.
  • No Magic.
  • No Missiles
  • No regular E-Cells
  • No Tech Specialist Handbook Projects.

For those wanting Regenerating Armour he does not have an endless supply He has the following suits (they are pre-configured the way they were salvaged but can be configured with whatever options you want for a modest fee he’ll even do it for you.):

EBA – Workhorse
Cost 79475

Secorp Scorpion Power Armour
Cost 61250

Light Rider
Cost 99620

Firebat Power Armour
Cost 60700

Deep Delver
Cost 86200

Cost 27250

3 jet packs 1@ level 3, 1@ level 4, and 1 at level 7

In addition to the above Eustace’s Scrap yard contains most normal book equipment but
he has a limited supply of any single object.

2 pistol e-clips
4 Rifle e-clips
2 Cannon e-Clips

108 pistol rounds
218 Rifle rounds
30 Cannon rounds

Nano-Med-Pack – 5@ lvl 3, 10@ lvl 6
No other Nanites are available from Eustace

He has basically 1 of everything else

Oh he also has a sizable stack of Black Boxes. 4 for each level of exo-system.
As well he has one of each item from the Storage pdf with the exception of the Geniscience Sample Collection pack (he has none of those).

Bunker down
After defeating the ancient gaurdian the crew bunkers down.

The crew took a long needed break to gear up. They built a nifty ,mounted cargo hauler. Used some skill-o-trons and learned a bunch about Zone Delta Zone Alpha and the Universe out side the zones.
High lights include:

  • There are other places known as “Off world” and “In Orbit”.
  • There are other test sites with additional Zones.
  • Zone Alpha and Zone Delta are connected through the bunker and constitute one Test Site.
  • The doors between the two Zones are large and the only known surveying key is a Keycom controlled by the Omish and kept as a Holy Relic.
  • Zone Alpha is almost completely overun with zombies except for 2 areas. One held by Elites. One held by a group of mixed human survivors.
  • There are three power plants surviving in Zone Alpha. Two unstable and one stable.
  • The Stable powerplant is held by the survivors.
  • Zone Delta is completely overrun with zombies. They look older and tougher than the ones in Zone Alpha, but fewer in number.
  • there is a way to the “surface” in Zone Delta.

After a few more blocks of deep analysis the crew managed to gather some more useful details including a map of the best route through Zone Delta. There were some blacked out areas where the cams and sensors couldn’t see but over all an optimal path out can be charted. The quickest easiest way out under normal conditions would be the Main shaft. Currently the main shaft is a nightmare of Zombies and hellish flying creatures (think Nazghul). As are the secondary and tertiary shafts. The lightest concentration of walking dead is in the worker freight elevator shaft. It is the most viable vertical egress if fighting your way out becomes necessary however the best way out is where there are no Zombies. Running almost the entire way up the zone core is a plasma vent that is currently active. Anything that enters the vent is instantly vaporized. Deactivating the vent would give you a completely zombie free egress corridor. The control station that controls the vent is visible on camera and appears to be functional.

The Omish
From the Omish and the Insane worker that had dropped through the river pipe a few weeks earlier you learned that the workers in Zone Alpha had been pouring higher and Higher concentrations of toxin into the sewer water for months. The elites monitoring Mudtown weren’t seeing any infection so they sent a work crew down to pour the toxin directly into the river. The high level of toxin in the sewers had contamintaed the zone sewer workers and thus started the plauge in zone Alpha. Unbeknownst to the Elites of Zone Alpha the Omish and the Mudtowners had been purifying the water supply with a large purifier built at the head water of the river. Recently the Mudtowners moved the purifier into Jimmys place for “easier maintenance” where they have been purifying water for their town only Squeezing out the Omish. The Omish have a well which supplies the town With a enough clean water to get buy but their crops are failing and will die without more water soon.
There are 11 genaric 11 combat.

Foes of the week
Ancient guardian

robo cat


Intro to Mudtown
people places and things to do.

The Crew, battered and weary, stumbled into Mudtown and were greeted by it’s wary yet curious inhabitants. They were given the rules by Mayor Ryan: 1. Pull yer own weight and 2. Don’t cause no trouble. Spoke briefly with a wizened tech master Named Jimmy who hinted that he knew many more interesting things (specifically about Zone Delta) but would only reveal the things he knew if the players would recover some fuel rods for him from a nearby salvage site. After a few blocks of recovery and rest the crew was able to determine a few other details about Mudtown:

  • They have a currency called “chips” but it’s really just a placeholder for salvage.
  • Salvage comes from one of two places, the Middens or the Mines.
  • The people of Mudtown are comprised of three groups, the pickers, the miners, and the merchants.
  • Each group elects a member to represent it on the town council. In addition to the councilors there is a general election for a mayor.
  • There is a group of Om worshippers living nearby called the Omish.
  • The Omish are feared and hated by the Mudtowners and have been mistreated recently.
  • Eustaceis a selfish prick who can be bribed for a better picking claim.
  • A techmaster named Randy Travers asked for their help in resolving the dispute between the Omish and the townsfolk of mud town.

There is a map of the Fissure showing what the crew knows of the area so far on the maps tab.

Sewer crawl

The Crew went on an extended crawl through flooded hallways littered with Zombies. After a few encounters with undead they managed to find their way to the Main Waterworks Control Station. They spent a few blocks recuperating and investigating during which they managed to get a clear picture of how to access the underground river that flows under Zone Alpha. A long abandoned flow interchange would allow them to get to the river if they could traverse it safely. Traverse it they did but safely; not so much. Some zombies had managed to find their way into the deepest bowels of the interchange and their prolonged exposure to the exotic filth turned them into the most challenging creatures yet. A few grievous wounds later the work crew pushed their way, waterlogged and weary, into a chamber that connected the flow interchange with the river. They holed up again to heal and built a boat to carry them down the river.

The river ran swiftly through the dark subterranean crevasse that formed its banks. The currents were strong and if it had not been for the deft hands of Rhodes at the controls the party would have surely perished, smashed and drowned in the inky waters. The river eventually narrowed down and plunged through a pipe. Unfortunately the pipe was to small to accommodate the large 8 person water craft and in the end physics forced the crew into the water (no physics checks were made). A few minutes of thrashing in the blackness and then the sinking weightlessness of a long fall and the roar water in the ears greeted the still conscious party members, fortunately enough of those remained to drag the others from river and collapse on the muddy bank. In the distance a warm light winks in the vast, dark cavern where the work crew has landed.

31 combat
20 genaric

Zombies of the Weeks

Green Spore Zombie


Swampy Slog
Moving through the lower levels

The crew found a way out of their buried craft. The darkened hallways of the lower levels were flooded with the briny effluent of the sea above. Damp but undeterred they pushed forward and ran into (gasp!) zombies. A Howler escorted by a some Razorbones and Gnawers. The Zombies were a handful but they were dispatched by the crew. The next junction they came to let out into a hallway that connected to a security check point. Upon closer investigation it was determined that the hall was overrun with zombies of varying nastiness and the crew decided that discretion was the better part of valor, in this case, and moved on. An obstacle of unruly plasma proved to be no obstacle for the seasoned crew, but will hopefully provide more of a challenge for the inevitably pursuing zombies. At the end of the night we left the crew emerging from the flooded and pitch dark crawl-ways and access corridors, into the dimly lit hallways of low level worker domiciles. What horrors await as they continue their search for a way out of the Zombie Apocalypse?


Zombie Howler

Razorbone Zombie

Down the drain.
A short Respite amongst the marines then flusssshhhh.

The Crew went with the Secorp Marines back to their post gaurding the elevator. After a short talk with the Lt. they determined that the entire base had gone cold turkey off their meds and were suffering from withdrawal. Rhodes helped them with a little Worker Methadone while the rest of the crew explored the area and worked on side projects. As artificial night was falling they retired back to their boat, when all hell broke loose. A Fusion Generator went critical blowing open the elevator shaft and sucking the crew (along with the base and a seizable chunk of ocean) down the shaft. We left off with the party sealed in the boat, trapped under a pile of debris at the bottom of the elevator shaft.

Zombie Rawhide

Bicker, Fight, Flee
A night of indecision followed by a night of action.

The crew was paralyzed with competing goals and a general inability to come to a consensus. They spent a long time trying to decide weather or not to head to the flaming Central Administration Office, to just strike out and try to find their way to Mudtown, or to hole up and train until the Arbiter mercy dried up. In the end the bickering only succeeded in passing the time until a reactor melted down and the next wave of zombies hit. Bile spewing plague spitters forced the Crew of the roof and out of the haven they had procured. Unfortunately the rather hasty retreat meant the Sloan and Camella were left behind.

The Crew b-lined to the docks where they recovered a worker boat that was intact and fueled up. They took the boat to the docks at the south eastern tip of the Southern Parkway where they found the elevator to be under the control of Secorp. They retreated to discuss options. During the third block of rest they were confronted by a pair of Secorp officers on small watercraft.

Plague Spitter

A Grievous Wound about to happen!


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