Roof Party
File that under, "it seemed like a good idea at the time"

After slamming the door on the zombie horde the party headed for the roof tops. They found that the roof of their building was an ideal location for staying away from the lesser zombies so that they could focus on the Zombie Piledriver. Mr. large and in charge spent the first part of the evening batting around the PCs until they managed to send him back to hell. That’s when they decided to go back inside and fortify a little. They welded the vault doors of the exits and spent some time searching the net for clues on the where abouts of Mudtown. They learned that Mudtown is somewhere adjacent to the underground river that feeds Zone Alpha and that it is also close to “where the garbage goes”. They figured out that a Worker map might be able to help them determine some more details and some potential spots to start looking but in order to obtain that map they need to either go to a dedicated worker terminal that would have such a map stored locally on it or hack into the worker data archives and extract a useful map. Perhaps someone with close to the correct skills will arrive and help them find their way.

Zombie Piledriver

7 combat 3 generic pool points

Hole up
Th crew goes to ground and makes some new friends

Ornamental row boats don’t make the best get away craft but the crew managed to get to shore while only swamping one boat. Upon arriving on dry land they were greeted by Camella Toe, a friendly reveler who drove them in her, wannabe worker, rape van to the training center that they got the location of from Decker. They spent two days there training and installing implants. at the end of the two days everyone was given a second first tier specialty. Any character who cannot or chooses not to learn a specialty can delay they learning of a new specialty until any time that character gets a good nights sleep.

The crew was confronted on the second day by a Zombie Hunter named Sloan. He arrived at the training center walking the street and slaughtering the walking dead. He told them that he had been hunting Zombies in the Revelerdome for months and that the contagious aspect of their nature was a new mutation. At the end of the session the crew was ready to head out (although no one was certain where) they opened the door to leave and gazed upon hell. The wave of walking dead crashed into their building shacking the foundations and sending Camella’s van flying. Roll for initiative.


A walk in the park part 2
The horde swarms the serenity mall

The Crew was fighting their way, methodically, towards the sewer grate in the south east corner of the park when the doors to the gift shop opened and the horde poured in. At that point the crew broke lines and ran. Rhodes used his grappling hook to secure a boat and get himself and a clingy Phlebus on board one of the decorative rowboats. The slowest mover was overrun by zombies and went down. The zombies feasted on Oi’s Eyes and were poised to dig into more succulent organs when, through sheer force of will he recovered enough to lay limply at the end of Firefly’s tether. Firefly also made use of her grapple, dragging Oi to the relative safety of the rowboats. In the end the crew was pulling themselves along using grapples and makeshift paddles to reach safety.

9 combat and 7 genaric were awarded.



Walk in the park
Serenity Mall at night

Arriving at the serenity mall as night fell the crew encountered a few walkers but nothing that wasn’t easily dispatched. Multimix wasn’t in the courtyard but he left a holo recording explaining that Vestax had been taken down by zombies and asking the party retrieve his AI core so that he might be rebuilt. They found him being chewed on by a few zombies. Just as they grabbed his core they bore witness to the horde. The walking dead streamed into the park from all directions. The party has determined that the boats or the sewer grate are the best escapes but no one seemed interested in swimming with zombies so they are heading for the sewer.

Zombie Gnawer

Getting out of Dodge
After the horror of the med bay the Party heads for the surface to help out Multimix

The party looted the med bay and then headed for the Reveler Dome. They had to traverse a rather unstable Worker Sector in order to do so. They crawled through access passages, bypassed security (and by that I mean got into a shoot out with security, were hosed down with a flame thrower, slaughtered some robots and decided that the honorable course would be to let the human flee) slipped past zombies, had a car chase and ended up in the elevator shaft climbing towards the light. After a few hours of climbing they were resting when another party of survivors climbed past in the shaft. They told the crew that the lower levels had been overrun with zombies and that were trying to escape to the surface. They beat the party to the goody pile and left them only sloppy seconds and a bit of food. The party did get a bit ov revenge when they caught up to one of the other workers at the top of the shaft. He had been stabbed and left for dead by his compatriots. After that the party managed to scoop a vehicle and drive through a rather subdued reveler territory to the serenity mall. We left off with the crew entering the park as night falls.

9 combat and 3 generic pool points were awarded.

Zombie of the Week
zombie chicks

Rescuing Mary
The crew gives it the old college try

After their encounter with the first Zombie the players moved on to discover an abandoned security checkpoint. They found:

3 Security vest
1 Investigators Jacket
1 Nail Driver (with one clip of ammo)
1 Medium Shield
1 Captains Saber
1 P141 Pacifier

Upon reaching the clinic the party found that Alas poor Mary had been horribly transformed into an undead thing of frightening power. They dispatched her but not before several close calls. After the fight they searched the clinic and found some loot as well as a functioning medical skill-o-tron.

The crew managed to glean a little cryptic info out of the computer in the med clinic as well. A short video clip showing doctors and Elites performing a procedure on Mary and party of a log entry that mentioned some where called Zone Delta and the fact that they were going to test lot number 138 of the serum on Mary and release her into the control zone.

As the party was trying to determine what to do next they were contacted by a distraught Multimix. He begged them to come meet him in the serenity courtyard by the red tree.

It has been 10 hours since the party last slept or ate and they have one day left on their detox course.

The party also received 7 generic and 8 combat pool points.

Zombies of the week
Blody Mary


Party Boat
Starting the party at the pharmacy and then going back down under for another crack at freeing Mary.

The night began with the Party facing off against a raver thug and his dogs. After killing one hound and grievously wounding another the party forced a surrender out of the raver. He wouldn’t give up his gun though. The crew then took the drugs to Decker, who gave them the location of a “Training Center” along with some video of Deacon Teekay 421 behaving badly. They then returned to their domicile to crash out. In the middle of their sleep Teekay should up and hounded them a bit, and before they could reveal their ace in the hole he summoned a fire crew and slipped away.

The next day the PC crew were returning from their shift (some in better form than others) when they got a panicked call from Mary saying that something was going on and that the Secorp force was barricading the door. At the same time their lift broke down. They got out and hoofed it most of the way to Specialist Clinic 14 when they encountered a disoriented worker whom appeared to have no vital signs. At first she seemed not to notice them but when they got close she viscously attacked. She was able to sustain an enormous amount of damage but a head shot eventually put her down. We left off with the party one security checkpoint away from the clinic wondering what to do next.

3 Genaric 7 Combat were awarded to the party for fights and story.

Drugs and other recreational activities
With Mary on lockdown the party takes care of other pressing issues

The party traveled to the sector 4 where Marys clinic is to find it under lock down. Mary called them to tell them not to try and fight there way. She told them that she had released a worm that was wreaking havoc on the medi-clinics computers and that she thought she could hold off until the efficiency of the operation was compromised by the cost of maintaining it. Spetch realized that at the very least they would need bigger guns.

The party then decided to deal with Teekay 421 and headed for the Reveler Dome. They tracked down the Gangster, Decker and had a talk with him. He refused to give up the contents of the case. He did explain that the Ravers, a rival gang, had stolen the drugs he had intended to trade for the case and that if the party were to retrieve them that Teekay might leave them alone. He gave them the co-ordinates of the Ravers Party Boat. The crew of workers boarded the boat and after a few miss adventures, they managed to find their way to the room where the drugs were stored. It is of course occupied by an angry individual and his dogs.

Funnel Bugs
Funnel bugs aren't usually aggressive, are they?

On entering the ancient bunker the party found it to be occupied by unusually aggressive funnel bugs. After tangling with them for a while the Secorp Trainee managed to dispatch a few and they retreated. The party searched the bunker and found the vinyl the were looking for. They gave it to Daft Punk and collected their reward.

Upon returning to their dwelling they were confronted by a Deacon of Om named Teekay 421. He said that he knew that they were drug avoiding and that he would expose them unless they retrieved a case from the Reveler Dome for him. They were just starting to plan out how to extricate themselves from that mess when Rhodes 404 revealed that he the infection that was contracted by the party was partly of magical origin. This lead to the realization that Mary 173 was probably in trouble for giving them the inoculation. We left off with the party heading out to gather up Mary 173 and then make for the Revler Dome.

During the course of the night the party was awarded 2 Genaric and 7 Combat pool points.

kicking the habit
The party kicks the drugs and begins to see clearly

After a long slow-mo flee the party determined that they had been infected with a virus from the spewed vomit in the cafeteria. Spetch took them to visit his friend Mary 173. She gave them an inoculation and sent them on their way. Once home Spetch revealed that he had stopped taking the daily drugs and urged the party to do so as well. Very little incentive was needed to get the party to agree and so they all have been moved onto a program of placebos and hangover medication. For few days they kicked around continuing their orientation and training. on the third day Spetch took them to see a Daft Punk concert and met with the robots who gave them a mission to acquire a transport and go to the construction zone where the will find a ancient bunker. According to the archives the party should be able to find some vinyl there that will infuse the band with a fresh new sound.

3 Genaric 3 Academic and 1 combat was awarded


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