Being raised to SpT-1

The party of workers met their old friend Spetch 227and completed their orientation placement testing. Each character did well with no complete wash outs in the party. Rhodes had the only perfect record in a chosen specialty with Phlebus and Oi having very strong showings in secondary and tertiary areas of interest. These strong performances garnered some extra attention from Clitusa Deacon of Om. He offered them each a spell and promised a recommendation for consideration to join the Holy Order of Om. He called them “The Dedicated of Om”.

The Characters were Exposed to the reveler Dome for the first time. While on their second visit, for the Tech Specialists orientation, the PCs noticed Spetch 227 rigging up some kind of custom tech. He attached some kind of black box to a power junction near a work site they were working on. When questioned he hand waved it and said the next few days were going to be fun.

At the end of session the party retired to the Specialist Cafeteria for some hard earned grub. They were enjoying the new bewildering array of food options when Spetch 227 began to confide in them that strangeness is afoot in the lower levels. Workers have been missing time and have larger than normal memory gaps. Whole work crews have disappeared and strange noises have been reported. This line of conversation made the PCs uncomfortable but intrigued. As Spetch 227 leaned in to give more details worker burst into the cafeteria from the hall way shouting “don’t eat supplement 11! They are experimenting on us! It’s poison! Poison!” He smashed a tray of food of a table onto the floor, insanity plain to see on his face. He then projectile vomited spraying down a large portion of the room with runny red-black bile. At this point the doors slamed shut, security lights came on and a voice came on over the PA stating “Please remain calm, Secorp Units have been dispatched to assist you, the will arrive in . . . forty . . . five . . . seconds. Thank you for your co-operation, have a productive afternoon.”

Character Incentives Received
Phlebus 138 Armor skill, Homo Secorp Uniform level 1 armor, Security Pistol, Stroker batton
Bonus: +1 targetting on pistol
Glitch 815 Computer Programming, Computer Hacking, Hardened Daypack ( see storage)
Bonus: Utility Knife
Firefly 411 Flight Corps light exo, Operate Probe
Bonus: Foreign Environment Combat
Rhodes 404 Bio-scanner keycom option, implant engineering, nano Engineering.
Bonus: level 1 Enhanced Movement Cybernetic
Oi 812 Armor Engineering, Weapon Engineering, modular tool belt ( see storage)
Bonus: 1000 chips worth of Engineering components.

All characters gain 2 Genaric pool points
Rhodes 404 gains 1 Academic pool point for a flawless orientation.


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