Intro to Mudtown
people places and things to do.

The Crew, battered and weary, stumbled into Mudtown and were greeted by it’s wary yet curious inhabitants. They were given the rules by Mayor Ryan: 1. Pull yer own weight and 2. Don’t cause no trouble. Spoke briefly with a wizened tech master Named Jimmy who hinted that he knew many more interesting things (specifically about Zone Delta) but would only reveal the things he knew if the players would recover some fuel rods for him from a nearby salvage site. After a few blocks of recovery and rest the crew was able to determine a few other details about Mudtown:

  • They have a currency called “chips” but it’s really just a placeholder for salvage.
  • Salvage comes from one of two places, the Middens or the Mines.
  • The people of Mudtown are comprised of three groups, the pickers, the miners, and the merchants.
  • Each group elects a member to represent it on the town council. In addition to the councilors there is a general election for a mayor.
  • There is a group of Om worshippers living nearby called the Omish.
  • The Omish are feared and hated by the Mudtowners and have been mistreated recently.
  • Eustaceis a selfish prick who can be bribed for a better picking claim.
  • A techmaster named Randy Travers asked for their help in resolving the dispute between the Omish and the townsfolk of mud town.

There is a map of the Fissure showing what the crew knows of the area so far on the maps tab.

Sewer crawl

The Crew went on an extended crawl through flooded hallways littered with Zombies. After a few encounters with undead they managed to find their way to the Main Waterworks Control Station. They spent a few blocks recuperating and investigating during which they managed to get a clear picture of how to access the underground river that flows under Zone Alpha. A long abandoned flow interchange would allow them to get to the river if they could traverse it safely. Traverse it they did but safely; not so much. Some zombies had managed to find their way into the deepest bowels of the interchange and their prolonged exposure to the exotic filth turned them into the most challenging creatures yet. A few grievous wounds later the work crew pushed their way, waterlogged and weary, into a chamber that connected the flow interchange with the river. They holed up again to heal and built a boat to carry them down the river.

The river ran swiftly through the dark subterranean crevasse that formed its banks. The currents were strong and if it had not been for the deft hands of Rhodes at the controls the party would have surely perished, smashed and drowned in the inky waters. The river eventually narrowed down and plunged through a pipe. Unfortunately the pipe was to small to accommodate the large 8 person water craft and in the end physics forced the crew into the water (no physics checks were made). A few minutes of thrashing in the blackness and then the sinking weightlessness of a long fall and the roar water in the ears greeted the still conscious party members, fortunately enough of those remained to drag the others from river and collapse on the muddy bank. In the distance a warm light winks in the vast, dark cavern where the work crew has landed.

31 combat
20 genaric

Zombies of the Weeks

Green Spore Zombie


Swampy Slog
Moving through the lower levels

The crew found a way out of their buried craft. The darkened hallways of the lower levels were flooded with the briny effluent of the sea above. Damp but undeterred they pushed forward and ran into (gasp!) zombies. A Howler escorted by a some Razorbones and Gnawers. The Zombies were a handful but they were dispatched by the crew. The next junction they came to let out into a hallway that connected to a security check point. Upon closer investigation it was determined that the hall was overrun with zombies of varying nastiness and the crew decided that discretion was the better part of valor, in this case, and moved on. An obstacle of unruly plasma proved to be no obstacle for the seasoned crew, but will hopefully provide more of a challenge for the inevitably pursuing zombies. At the end of the night we left the crew emerging from the flooded and pitch dark crawl-ways and access corridors, into the dimly lit hallways of low level worker domiciles. What horrors await as they continue their search for a way out of the Zombie Apocalypse?


Zombie Howler

Razorbone Zombie

Down the drain.
A short Respite amongst the marines then flusssshhhh.

The Crew went with the Secorp Marines back to their post gaurding the elevator. After a short talk with the Lt. they determined that the entire base had gone cold turkey off their meds and were suffering from withdrawal. Rhodes helped them with a little Worker Methadone while the rest of the crew explored the area and worked on side projects. As artificial night was falling they retired back to their boat, when all hell broke loose. A Fusion Generator went critical blowing open the elevator shaft and sucking the crew (along with the base and a seizable chunk of ocean) down the shaft. We left off with the party sealed in the boat, trapped under a pile of debris at the bottom of the elevator shaft.

Zombie Rawhide

Bicker, Fight, Flee
A night of indecision followed by a night of action.

The crew was paralyzed with competing goals and a general inability to come to a consensus. They spent a long time trying to decide weather or not to head to the flaming Central Administration Office, to just strike out and try to find their way to Mudtown, or to hole up and train until the Arbiter mercy dried up. In the end the bickering only succeeded in passing the time until a reactor melted down and the next wave of zombies hit. Bile spewing plague spitters forced the Crew of the roof and out of the haven they had procured. Unfortunately the rather hasty retreat meant the Sloan and Camella were left behind.

The Crew b-lined to the docks where they recovered a worker boat that was intact and fueled up. They took the boat to the docks at the south eastern tip of the Southern Parkway where they found the elevator to be under the control of Secorp. They retreated to discuss options. During the third block of rest they were confronted by a pair of Secorp officers on small watercraft.

Plague Spitter

A Grievous Wound about to happen!

Roof Party
File that under, "it seemed like a good idea at the time"

After slamming the door on the zombie horde the party headed for the roof tops. They found that the roof of their building was an ideal location for staying away from the lesser zombies so that they could focus on the Zombie Piledriver. Mr. large and in charge spent the first part of the evening batting around the PCs until they managed to send him back to hell. That’s when they decided to go back inside and fortify a little. They welded the vault doors of the exits and spent some time searching the net for clues on the where abouts of Mudtown. They learned that Mudtown is somewhere adjacent to the underground river that feeds Zone Alpha and that it is also close to “where the garbage goes”. They figured out that a Worker map might be able to help them determine some more details and some potential spots to start looking but in order to obtain that map they need to either go to a dedicated worker terminal that would have such a map stored locally on it or hack into the worker data archives and extract a useful map. Perhaps someone with close to the correct skills will arrive and help them find their way.

Zombie Piledriver

7 combat 3 generic pool points

Hole up
Th crew goes to ground and makes some new friends

Ornamental row boats don’t make the best get away craft but the crew managed to get to shore while only swamping one boat. Upon arriving on dry land they were greeted by Camella Toe, a friendly reveler who drove them in her, wannabe worker, rape van to the training center that they got the location of from Decker. They spent two days there training and installing implants. at the end of the two days everyone was given a second first tier specialty. Any character who cannot or chooses not to learn a specialty can delay they learning of a new specialty until any time that character gets a good nights sleep.

The crew was confronted on the second day by a Zombie Hunter named Sloan. He arrived at the training center walking the street and slaughtering the walking dead. He told them that he had been hunting Zombies in the Revelerdome for months and that the contagious aspect of their nature was a new mutation. At the end of the session the crew was ready to head out (although no one was certain where) they opened the door to leave and gazed upon hell. The wave of walking dead crashed into their building shacking the foundations and sending Camella’s van flying. Roll for initiative.


A walk in the park part 2
The horde swarms the serenity mall

The Crew was fighting their way, methodically, towards the sewer grate in the south east corner of the park when the doors to the gift shop opened and the horde poured in. At that point the crew broke lines and ran. Rhodes used his grappling hook to secure a boat and get himself and a clingy Phlebus on board one of the decorative rowboats. The slowest mover was overrun by zombies and went down. The zombies feasted on Oi’s Eyes and were poised to dig into more succulent organs when, through sheer force of will he recovered enough to lay limply at the end of Firefly’s tether. Firefly also made use of her grapple, dragging Oi to the relative safety of the rowboats. In the end the crew was pulling themselves along using grapples and makeshift paddles to reach safety.

9 combat and 7 genaric were awarded.



Walk in the park
Serenity Mall at night

Arriving at the serenity mall as night fell the crew encountered a few walkers but nothing that wasn’t easily dispatched. Multimix wasn’t in the courtyard but he left a holo recording explaining that Vestax had been taken down by zombies and asking the party retrieve his AI core so that he might be rebuilt. They found him being chewed on by a few zombies. Just as they grabbed his core they bore witness to the horde. The walking dead streamed into the park from all directions. The party has determined that the boats or the sewer grate are the best escapes but no one seemed interested in swimming with zombies so they are heading for the sewer.

Zombie Gnawer

Getting out of Dodge
After the horror of the med bay the Party heads for the surface to help out Multimix

The party looted the med bay and then headed for the Reveler Dome. They had to traverse a rather unstable Worker Sector in order to do so. They crawled through access passages, bypassed security (and by that I mean got into a shoot out with security, were hosed down with a flame thrower, slaughtered some robots and decided that the honorable course would be to let the human flee) slipped past zombies, had a car chase and ended up in the elevator shaft climbing towards the light. After a few hours of climbing they were resting when another party of survivors climbed past in the shaft. They told the crew that the lower levels had been overrun with zombies and that were trying to escape to the surface. They beat the party to the goody pile and left them only sloppy seconds and a bit of food. The party did get a bit ov revenge when they caught up to one of the other workers at the top of the shaft. He had been stabbed and left for dead by his compatriots. After that the party managed to scoop a vehicle and drive through a rather subdued reveler territory to the serenity mall. We left off with the crew entering the park as night falls.

9 combat and 3 generic pool points were awarded.

Zombie of the Week
zombie chicks


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