Burst fire weapons

  • Bursting weapons will always have a number associated with it ( eg.Burst 3)
  • The Burst number is the maximum number of shots that can be fired in a burst.
  • Bursting deals no accuracy bonus (critical hits deal 1X accuracy bonus)
  • When bursting; fire on one target then, on the next segment, fire on the same target again or on a target that is in a contiguous hex. Repeat until the burst number is reached or everything is dead whichever comes first.
  • The default Burst Number for fire arms is 1+ the weapons size level.
  • Bursting weapons can only burst once per round or they will over heat.

    Area Effect Strike

Area effect Strikes are any Strike that targets a large area rather than an individual target. Everything in the area of an Area Effect Strike is damaged unless it removed from the area. Resolving area effect strikes is a little different than resolving a regular strike. First the attacker makes a strike against the area. This requires a single strike roll. That strike roll is applied to every potential target in the area. Victims of the attack may make a defend roll. If their defend is successful they have three options;

  • they can remain in the area of effect and take half damage
  • or they can move up to half their movement to get outside of the area and take no damage
  • or they can spend an action and move up to their full movement to get outside the area and take no damage.
    good planning pays off
    Characters that move are permitted to move in any direction to avoid the strike but they cannot move more than is necessary to get out of the Area of Effect (in other words they must take the shortest possible path to get out and once out, they cannot continue to move). If a character does not have an AC of 20 or more both the character and the characters Armour will be subject to the Strike and damage. If the characters AC is 20 or over and the strike reduces the AC to below 20 the character does not take the additional damage on their personal unless the characters Armour is destroyed completely (in this case only the remainder of the damage washes over the character not the full damage, the same as if it were a targeted strike). Area Effect Strikes do not receive an Accuracy bonus.

If a character fails their Defend check, they must make a Save vs Luck. If they fail the save then a random piece of equipment will be subjected to the damage of applied by the AES.



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