Gear and Item Sizes
All gear has a size and a size level associated with it. The size is a word describing its size they are, Small, Medium, Large, and Giant. Items that are larger than Giant dont have a size only a size level. The Size Level of an item is simply a number associated with the size. Small = 1, medium = 2, large = 3 and giant = 4.

Material Sizes
Salvage takes up 1 slot per 1000 chips worth rounded up.
Raw Materials take up 1 slot per 100 chips worth rounded up.
Scavenged Materials and Nano-Materials take up 1 Slot per Level.

Combat Ready slots
A combat ready slot is an area on the body that can be easily accessed during combat. Basically this is the area of ypur body that you can easily touch without taking your eyes off your enemy or changing your balance. All humans have 4 combat ready slots. They can keep upto 4 size levels of stuff in these slots. It takes only a single action to draw any item in a combat ready slot.

Non Combat slots (pockets and pouches)
All humans have 4 Non Combat slots. These are more dificult areas to reach during combat. Every thing stored in a Non Combat Slot takes 2 actions to access during combat.

Bags, Containers, Nether Spaces and Pocket Dimensions

This type of stuff has a size associated with it and it takes up that many slots. Characters can opt to have them Combat ready or not that is up to them. Acessing a bag takes an additional action. Bags have a number slots that they can hold (unless it is a very poor bag it will have more slots in it than it takes up). Holsters, Tool Belts, Battle Harnesses and the like can be worn with Exo-systems that are level 6 or lower. Back packs must be specifically designed to work with an exo-system in order to fit onto one. Heavy exo-systems (level 7 and above) can only use storage increasing devices that have been specifically made for heavy exo-systems.

Physical Strength
Measures the amount a person can carry. PS 12 means you can carry 12 size levels of stuff. An individual can lift (without moving) or drag double their strength.

Creature size levels
Creatures have size levels like items. For the purpose of encubmerance multiply the creatures size level by 4 to determine how much they encumber.



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