Augment Stream

Enforcers are Augments Specialists who have augmented themselves for endurance, power and near indestructibility. Feared on the battlefield Enforcers are well known for their practice of cannibalizing other augmented individuals.

Pre Requisites:

  • Augment Specialist
  • PS at least 4 higher than Racial Base Attribute Score Maintain Implants at Level 6
  • Implant Engineering at Level 6
  • Paramedic Level 6
  • Close Quarters Mounted Weapons Skill at Level 3
  • Ranged Mounted Weapons Skill at Level 3
  • Demolitions level 3
  • Unarmed Combat Level 3
  • At least one 6th level Implant installed


  • +2 to DC
  • Choose 1 combat skill. The Enforcer can gains +3 the cap on the chosen Skill and on all Military Skills.
  • +3 yo level caps on Domestic, Communications, Medical, Physical, Trade and Implant Engineering and Nano Engineering Skills
  • Combat Implant Skill Level 1: The Augment Nanites in the Enforcer’s body enhance the Enforcer’s ability to utilize weapons. At levels 1, 4, 7, and 10 add 1 to the maximum number of Multi Weapon add ons that the Enforcer can add to his Implant Weapons.
  • Ability to attract Followers, (at the Arbiter’s discretion, see Followers under NPCs in the Arbiter’s Section for details).
  • Cannibalize Implants Skill at level 1 See the Specialist Program Skills Section for details



Z.A. amarbiter