KeycomKnown as Keycoms, Multi-tools are functionaly the same as they are specified in the book, however Multitools in this campaign have a few added bonuses:

  1. All muti-tool options are useable as standalone tools
  2. When installed in multi-tool the options don’t count against encumberance

Tool kits

Technical Tool Kit – Level 4, size small

This tool kit is a multi tool option that allows technical specialists and other engineers to build things using their Technical Skills

Rogue Tool Kit – level 4, size medium (requires 2 slots in a multi tool)

These kits are used by Rogues to help them get into the various different types of trouble that Rogues enjoy getting into. Rogue Tool Kits provide a +4 bonus to DF checks to perform specific Skills. The use of Rogue tools is optional for Rogue Specialists as they are assumed to be crafty enough to improvise tools as needed for general use (improvised tools provide no bonus). Rogue Tool Kits are available for the following Skills:

  1. Pick Locks
  2. Camouflage
  3. Disguise
  4. Forgery
  5. Interrogation Techniques
  6. Set and Disarm Traps
  7. Stealth

Building a Rogue kit requires the Rogue/Espial Skill at level 4 and Mechanics level 4 (its a mechanics project).

Rogue kits are not a requirement for any rogue skills they merely provide a bonus. If a Rogue or Espial Skill requires a kit in the description then the a standard Keycom will fulfill that requirement.


In Z.A. there are two types of E-cells Weapon E-Cells that are used as clips for energy weapons and Equipment E-cells that are used to power gear and vehicles.

Weapon E-Cells cost 1/10 of book price and require an electrical outlet and a charger to recharge them.

Equipment E-Cells are as per book E-Cells

E-Cell Charger In Zone Alpha there are very few portable chargers, they are almost all built-in charge stations usually placed behind security barricades. Their are a few portable chargers but these are jealously guarded by high ranking security officers for security purposes. A charger can be built by anyone with the Electronics Skill level 4 or higher. It is a single project that costs 500/ level and makes a charger that can charge 1 level of E-cell per level of charger. The size of the charger is small at levels 1-3, medium at levels 4-7 and large at levels 8+. Charging an ecell takes 10 minutes.

Medical Equipment

First Aid Kit multi-tool option – level 4, size small

The First Aid Kit contains all of the basic supplies to treat minor injuries and wounds. Paramedics using a First Aid Kit heal 1 extra damage at levels 1, 4, 7, and 10 of their Paramedic Skill when they use it to heal. Medical Doctors Using First Aid Kits Heal an additional 1DC per level of the Medical Doctor Skill.

Bio Scanner multi-tool option – level 4, size small

Monitors vital signs, detects diseases, poison and nano-infections. In the hands of an untrained individual it isn’t very useful. It takes no special skill to use the device to detect the presence of the above but making a diagnosis and identifying specific maladies requires a Paramedic or Medical Doctor Check. Bonus: +4 to Paramedic, Medical Doctor and Holistic Medicine skill checks.

Painkillers – level varies, size small

Painkillers are pills that temporarily remove the effects of Grievous Wounds. Painkillers remove the effects of a single wound that is equal to or less than the level of the Painkiller for half an hour. Multiple pain killers can be taken at one time to ease the pain from multiple Grievous Wounds. A bottle of pain killers contains 20 pills. Requires no special skill to use.

Nano-Med-Pack – Nano Devices – level varies, size small

Stops Bleeding and restores 2DC per level. Requires a successful Nano Engineering DF check to use.

Implant Installation Nanites – Nano Devices – level varies, size small

Augment Installation Nanites allow any character with the Nano Engineering skill to install an Augment in a patient. The nanites are programed with anti-rejection behaviour that gives the patient a +20% bonus to their roll against side effects. The level of the nanites must be equal to or greater than the level of the augment. Augment Installation Nanites have no affect on recovery time.

Optics Systems

Light Amplification Goggles – level 4, size small

These goggles have a 10X magnification in normal(bright) light. In light amplification mode they provide level 4 Low Light Vision. When worn these goggles provide their own weapon ready slot.

Thermal optic Scope – level (Targeting Level +2), size small

This scope affixes to a weapon and provides a targeting bonus like all scopes. In addition it allows characters looking through it to see with level 1 Advanced Optics and Level 1 Sensors.


High-Tech Hand Held Shields

Hand Held Shields provide a bonus to RF, but also inflict equal penalties to Initiative. The AC and RF of the shield only comes into play if it is targeted directly with a Called Strike, or subject to Area Effect Damage. Note that the bonus to RF provided by the Shield is only applied to the overall RF of the Character, not to the Shield itself in the aforementioned situations where it takes direct Damage. Shields provide their own combat ready slots when equipped. If a shield is equipped the arm it is strapped to cannot be used to attack except for shield attacks unless the shield is a small shield.

Size + to RF,
AC RF Stealth
Small +1 15 1 N/A 1
Medium +2 17 1 +1 to DF 4
Large +3 19 1 +2 to DF 7

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