Armour Stream

A military unit created to be self sufficient behind enemy lines for long periods, the Ex- Delta is a light Exo-warrior with a bag of tricks designed to maximize its effectiveness in resource scarce hostile territory.

Pre Requisites:

  • Pilot Specialist
  • Information Gathering Skill at level 3
  • Close Quarters Mounted Weapons Skill at level 6
  • Body Armor Engineering Skill at level 3
  • Vehicle Engineering level 4
  • Communication Systems Skill at level 6
  • Military Intelligence at level 6
  • Exo Systems Style


  • +3 To Skill caps on Skills from the Combat and Military Skill Groups.
  • +3 to Skill caps on Body Armour Engineering and Vehicle Engineering.
  • Can Use Exo-systems up to level 9
  • Drone Ranger: +1 to Strike and Defend with Probes at levels 1, 4, 7, and 10 of the Pilot Probe Skill.
  • All Exo-Deltas receive a 25% bonus, rounded up, to Combat Pool Points.
  • Exo Re-Spec Skill at level 1 See the Specialist Program Skills Section for details.
  • Exo-Deltas can use 1 additional Combat Style each Round.
  • Academic Cross training – Exo-deltas can spend Combat pool points on Vehicle Engineering, Body Armour Engineering and Exo-Engineering Skills.

Light Bonuses (gains the following bonuses when wearing a light Exo-System or piloting a vehicle of level 6 or less)

  • +2 to Strike
  • +2 to Defend
  • +3 DR
  • +1 to Armour RF at Armor Skill levels 1,4,7 and 10
  • +3 Endurance



Z.A. amarbiter