Armor Stream

Exo-Specialists are fearsome High-Tech warriors who specialize in Exo-System combat. The wise stand aside or flee when these walking tanks engage in battle! Exo-Specialists will, through their personal notoriety, attract a patron; be it a guild, union, corporation, or individual sponsor. This Patron will provide the Exo-Specialist with access to Exo-Systems, repairs, and restocking of parts and ammunition(as the Arbiter deems necessary, of course).


  • Pilot Specialist
  • Ranged Mounted Weapons Skill at Level 6
  • Exo Engineering Skill at Level 3
  • Vehicle Engineering Level 4
  • Operate Sensors Level 6
  • Armor Skill at Level 6
  • Exo Systems Style


  • +3 To Skill caps on Skills from the Combat and Military Skill Groups.
  • +3 to skill caps on Exo Engineering, and Vehicle Engineering.
  • Can Use Exo-systems up to level 9 (with Exo-System Style, uncapped if Exo-Delta is known)
  • Pilot Reflexes: While piloting a vehicle the Exo Specialist gets +1 to Defend at levels 1,4,7 and 10 of his Pilot Skill.
  • All Exo-Specialists receive a 25% bonus, rounded up, to Combat Pool Points.
  • Manual Override Skill at level 1 – See the Specialist Program Skills Section for details.
  • can heal one additional time during combat
  • Exo-Specialists can use 1 additional Combat Styles each Round

Heavy Bonuses (gains the following bonuses when wearing an Exo-System or piloting a vehicle of level 7 or greater)

  • +2 to Strike
  • +2 to Defend
  • -2 to Speed Factors on Mounted Weapons (minimum Speed Factor 1)



Z.A. amarbiter