Rogue Stream

Guild Assassins in Z.A. work for the Oligarchy and are tasked with precision population control.


  • Rogue Specialist
  • Agility at least 4 higher than the Racial Base Attribute score
  • Stealth at level 6
  • Tracking at level6
  • Disguise at level 6
  • Interrogation Techniques at level 6
  • Information Gathering at level 6
  • Espial at level 6
  • Cannot be Noble


  • +3 To caps on Skills from the Communication, Domestic, Espial, Language, Lore, Physical, Rogue, Trade and wilderness Groups.
  • +5 to Strike with Surprise Strikes, instead of the regular +2 bonus.
  • +5 to Strike from behind, instead of the regular +2 bonus.
  • +2 to all DF Checks made against Prerequisite Skills, (Information Gathering, Stealth, Tracking, Disguise, Impersonation, and Espial).
  • Drop From Sight: On a killing Blow the Assassin may immediately make a Stealth check. If successful the Assassin disappears from view even if he was being directly observed. Observers can try to spot the Assassin through the normal means (perception checks).
  • Combat Cross Training the Guild Assassin can spend Combat Pool points On Rogue and Espial Skills
  • Assassinate Special Ability at level 1 See the Specialist Program Skills Section for details.



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