Augment Stream

Infiltrators are Augments Specialists who have been trained to use their Augment Nanites to sculpt their bodies to increase their agility, finesse and prowess and to blend in with their environs.


  • Augment Specialist
  • Agility at least 4 higher than Racial Base Attribute Score
  • Maintain Implants Level 6
  • Information Gathering at Level 3
  • Street Smarts at Level 3
  • Medical Doctor Level 6
  • Disguise at Level 3
  • Persuasion at Level 3
  • Interrogation Techniques at Level 3
  • Stealth Level 3
  • At least one 6th level Implant installed


  • +2 to DC
  • +1 to Defend at levels 1, 4, 7, and 10 of the Infiltrators Sensors.
  • + 3 to the Level cap of the Infiltrator Defend Skill
  • +3 to level caps on Disguise, Persuasion, Interrogation Techniques, Street Smarts, Information Gathering and Stealth
  • +3 to level caps on Mechanics, Electronics, Science, Implant Engineering, Maintain Implants, Medical Skills and Communications Skills
  • Surprise Attack: +1 to strike at levels 1, 4, 7, and 10 of the Infiltrators Stealth Skill while Stealthing
  • Chameleon Skin: The Augment Nanites that permeate the Augment’s body Mutate and migrate when the transformation into Infiltrator takes place. Nano Genetic skin covers the Augment. The Augment gains the ability to rapidly change his skin pigmentation to help blend in with the surrounding terrain. The Augment has the ability “turn it off” or to change to different skin tones within the range of what is normal for his Species. Bonus +3 to DF checks on Stealth and Disguise. Characters attempting to penetrate the Disguise or notice a Stealthing Infiltrator get a – 10% to their Perception Check at levels 1, 4, 7, and 10 of the Infiltrators Maintain Implants Skill.
  • Fluid Features: Another side effect of the Infiltrator Transformation is the ability to change facial features and body structure. The infiltrator can change facial features to any shape with the same approximate structure. This means that the Infiltrator can look like anyone with a face including beings from other Species. In addition the Infiltrator can “puff up” to look bigger or “suck up” to look smaller. The size change doesn’t affect the characters mass only their volume and does not affect the height of the character, but they can look skinny or fat. This transformation is extremely rapid requiring only 10 seconds to complete. Bonus +3 to DF checks on Disguise and Persuasion, +1 per level of Disguise to Beguile.
  • Pretty Boy/Girl Infiltrators can use their Fluid features and Chameleon Skin to Conceal their cybernetics. This gives them a much more natural looking appearance negating the penalty to beguile from implants. Overt usage of obvious implants (like weapons for example) will dispel the illusion and any beguile checks made against observers after that would be subject to the normal penalties.



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