Military Stream

A specialist with Firearms, the Master at arms is a feared opponent. An unusually high degree of skill with handheld ranged weapons sets the Master at Arms apart from other military specialists. As a sniper, a marksman, or in the trenches, the Master at Arms is peerless in the field when it comes to shooting. From side arms to heavy weapons the Master at Arms is truly the master of them all.

Pre Requisites:

  • Military Specialist
  • Pistol Skill at level 6
  • Rifle Skill at level 6
  • Cannon Skill at level 6
  • Expert Move with Firearm level 6
  • Aim Skill at level 6

  • Can learn Skills from the Combat and Military Skill Groups up to level 9 (can go above level 9 if another second tier Combat Specialty is known).
  • Can learn Weapon Engineering up to level 6.
  • Firearms Focus – the Master at Arms gains a +1 to Strike on each Firearms Skill at levels 1,4,7and 10 of that Skill.
  • Double Accuracy Bonus with Firearms, (3X on a Critical).
  • Critcals on a Natural 19 or 20 with Firearms.
  • All Masters at Arms receive a 25% bonus to Combat Pool Points, rounded up.
  • Multi-Weapon Overload Level 1: at levels 1, 4, 7 and 10 of this skill the Master at Arms Can add an additional Multi Weapon Option to his personal Multi-Weapon firearms. This overloading of the multi-Weapon renders it useless in anybody but a Master at Arms hands.
  • Tactical Mobility: when attacking with a firearm the Master at Arms gains a bonus to their regular Combat Movement. Instead of moving half their Combat Movement they move half + their agility bonus.
  • Masters at Arms can use 1 additional Combat Styles each Round.



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