Military Stream,

Military Specialists are dedicated military campaigners. These Characters are individuals whose blood sings with the call to battle, be they freelance mercenaries, Guilded Battle-Masters, or city-state militia. These are the people who want nothing other than the glory and horror of battle. To this end they immerse themselves into rigorous mental and physical training that requires the below Pre-Requisites, and confers the below Skills and bonuses.


  • Physical Strength and Endurance Attributes must both be at least 2 higher than Racial Base Attribute score.
  • Defend Skill at level 3
  • Unarmed Combat Skill or Touch Spell Skill at level 3
  • 1 Close Quarters Weapon Skill at level 3
  • 1 Firearms Skill, Ranged Weapon Skill or Ranged Spell Skill at level 3
  • Expert Move or Special Defend Skill at level 1

  • Can learn Skills from the Combat and Military Skill Groups up to level 6.
  • +1 to Physical Strength Attribute
  • +1 to Agility Attribute
  • +1 Action per Round
  • +1 to Strike
  • +1 to Strike with one Weapon Skill of choice
  • +1 to Save Vs. Body
  • +3 to all Expert Moves and all Special Defends, (See the Combat Section for details on Expert Moves and Special Defends).
  • All Military Specialists receive a 25% bonus to Combat Pool Points, rounded up.
  • Military Specialists can use one additional Combat Style each Round.



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