Armor Stream

These hotshot flyboys feel the need for speed. On land, sea, air, or in the cold vacuum of space they are the best of the best. Lightning reflexes and high endurance are the only things that keeps these individuals alive as they scrape along the bleeding edge.

Pre Requisites:

  • Pilot Vehicle Skill Level 3
  • Armor Skill Level 3
  • Vehicle Combat Skill Level 3
  • Ranged Mounted Weapons Systems Skill Level 3
  • Agility and Endurance at least 2 higher than the Racial Base Attribute score


  • Can learn Skills from the Combat and Military Skill Groups up to level 6, no level limit for Pilot Skill Group.
  • Can learn Vehicle Engineering Skill, Skill up to level 6
  • Can Use Exo-systems up to level 6 (with Exo-System Style)
  • +1 to Endurance
  • +1 to Agility Attribute
  • +1 Action while piloting a Vehicle or Exo-System.
  • All Pilots receive a 25% bonus, rounded up, to Combat Pool Points.
  • +2 bonus to DF Checks for a single Pilot – Vehicle Skill.
  • +1 to Strike with Mounted Weapons Systems at level 1,4,7,and 10 of the appropriate Mounted Weapon System Skill.
  • Pilots get an extra roll when crashing to try and avoid the crash.
  • Pilots can use 1 additional Combat Style each Round.



Z.A. amarbiter