Rogue Stream
The Rogue Master is so accomplished in his arts that there is a saying that he “is never detected; only suspected”.


  • Agility at least 5 higher than the Racial Base Attribute score
  • At least 5 Rogue or Espial Skills at level 5
  • Rogue Specialist


  • +3 to Skill Caps on Skills from the Communication, Domestic, Espial, Language, Lore, Physical, Rogue, Trade and Wilderness Skill Groups.
  • +4 to Strike with Sucker Punches, which deal 3x normal Accuracy Bonus instead of the regular 2×.
  • +2 to Stealth and Street-Smarts DF Checks
  • +3 to Beguile
  • Improved Take Rogue Masters get double the money from Rogue Ops
  • +1 to Save Vs. Mind
  • +2 to Save Vs. Luck
  • Ability to attract Followers, (at the Arbiter’s discretion, see Followers under NPCs in the Arbiter’s Section for details).
  • Angulation Skill level 1: By always keeping something between himself and his opponent the Rogue becomes difficult to strike. As long as the master is wearing armour that has a maximum Level equal to the level of this skill then the Master Rogue can add +1 Defend per levels of this Skill.



Z.A. amarbiter