Rogue Stream

Rogue Specialists in Zone Alpha are very few and far between. Most people simply don’t have the desire for what a rogue can offer. Those that do choose this path generally work as fences brokering deals between the revellers and the workers trading to each what the other has.


  • Agility at least 2 higher than the Racial Base Attribute score
  • At least 3 Rogue Skills at level three
  • 1 Espial Skill at level three


  • Can learn Skills from the Communication, Domestic, Espial, Language, Lore, Physical, Rogue Trade and wilderness Groups up to level 6.
  • All DF Checks for Rogue and Espial Skills receive a +3 bonus.
  • +1 to Agility Attribute
  • +1 to Charm Attribute
  • +1 bonus to Save Vs Luck
  • +2 to Defend
  • +1 to move
  • Acrobatic Defend Level 1 This skill can be used to improve the Rogues defend roll by +1 per level it can be added after the roll is made. I costs one action to use.
  • Sucker Punch Skill at level 1 See the Specialist Program Skills Section for details.



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