ALL skills are caped at level three. Each Specialist program uncaps some skill groups and/or single specific skills. These are noted in the Specialist descriptions.

Academic Pool Points can be spent on any Skill Except Combat Skills.

Banned Skills

Instruction Skills
Nano Genetics (gland creation is implant engineering and bio nanites are nano engineering)

New Skills

Combat Skills

This Expert Move allows the combatant to move into CQ range Strike and then move back out again in a single segment. This move requires 2 Actions: 1 move action and 1 strike action. The strike is made at -4. The character can move up to their full movement divided any way they choose between before and after the strike. The character must move at least 1 hex both before and after the strike. This expert move does not trigger opportunity attacks from it’s target, and the target does not have the option to follow the attacker as if he were “backing out of combat”. The Speed factor of this move is 3 or the speed of the strike, which ever is higher.

Combat Styles

+1 to Strike per Level and +1 DR at Levels 1,4,7 and 10 of the appropriate Combat Skill used with improvised weapons. Improvised weapons are any item that is not intended to be used as a weapon.

+1 Probe Action

Probes controlled by characters with this style get +1 to Strike and +1 to Defend at Levels 1,4,7 and 10 of their Operate Probe Skill.

Communication Skills

Operate Sensors, (HT)
Usage of advanced radar, sonar and optic technologies. This skill has two uses: The first is to tune sensors so that they work better in stress situations. On a successful DF check this skill provides a bonus to the effective level of Sensors, Advanced Optics, Flash Protection and Low Light Vision. The bonus is equal to 1 +1 at levels 4, 7, and 10 of this skill. The bonus lasts until the end of the combat/encounter/block depending on the situation. The Second use of this skill is sensor analysis. When a character wants to determine a tricky bit of information from any kind of sensor data (eg, speed, direction and time to intercept some incoming blips on a radar), they make a DF check and on a success the information is revealed.

DF = 14

Military Skills

This skill allows military trained personnel to ward off superficial damage in combat situations. Once per combat the character can add 4 temporary DC to his personal DC per level of this skill. The temporary DC lasts until the end of the combat or until they are lost to damage whichever comes first. In addition, on a successful DF check the charter also gains a personal RF of 1 at levels 1,4,7, and 10. If the DF check fails the character still gains the DC but not the RF. It takes one Action at a Speed Factor of three to use this Skill.
DF 14

Physical Skills

FORTIFY -Force Skin
This Physical Skill allows athletes and characters to endure harsh physical trauma and huge amounts of punishment relatively unscathed. For each level of this skill the character gains 1 personal RF that protects the characters personal DC (this protection does not extend to the characters equipment). On a successful DF check the Character also gains temporary DC equal to his bonus from Endurance. The temporary DC lasts until the end of the combat or until they are lost to damage whichever comes first. If the DF check fails the character still gains the RF but not the DC. It takes one Action at a Speed Factor of three to use this Skill.

DF 14

Using this skill characters can jump over a number of hexes. For each rank of jump the character can jump over a single hex or upwards a single hex. Increase the rank by 1 at levels 1, 4, 7, and 10 of this skill. When used in combat this skill requires a DF check. A failed check results in the character landing somewhere other than where they intended. Jumping in combat takes an action that counts as a move action.
DF 15

Medical Skills

Healing by use of roots, herbs and other naturally occurring ingredients. This skill also allows the user to create poultices and salves:

Perception Salve – can sharpen the mind
Success: + 5/level to Perception for 10 minutes
fail: No effect
20: + 10/level to Perception for 10 minutes
1: – 5/level to Perception for 10 minutes

Healing Poultice – heal minor wounds
Success: heals 1 DC per level
fail: No effect
20: heals 2 DC per level
1: deals 1 DC/level damage

Soothing Balm – counter effects due to itching, irritation and pain
Success: reduce the effects by half rounded up
fail: No effect
20: remove effect entirely
1: double the effects

In a single block the Naturopath can gather herbs and create a single solution or if the Herbs are available and don’t need to be gathered a number of compounds equal to 1 + 1 at levels 4 7 and 10 can be made in a block.
Roll the DF Check when the compound is made then again when it is applied. The roll at application determines it’s success failure or special results. DF = 14

Requires Paramedic: level 3 and level 3 Science. Provides advanced medical knowledge, and allows the Character to diagnose and treat illnesses and disease, and heal wounds, 2 DC per level. At level 4 MDs can also perform surgeries, including advanced medical techniques utilizing High-Tech prosthetics. This allows the surgical implanting of all types of Implants, The level of the Implant cannot exceed the level of the medical Doctor Skill. Also at level 4 this Skill provides the ability to conduct Post-Mortems, including determining cause of death, estimating time of death, and collecting physical and biological evidence from corpses. Characters can also do everything covered in the Paramedic Skill with the Medical Doctor Skill. DF = 16

Provides basic medical knowledge sufficient to provide emergency medical treatment, heal minor wounds, 1 DC level, prevent bleeding/infection, administer medicines, diagnose injuries and perform CPR. See the Section on Damage and Healing for details on performing CPR. Note that it takes 2 actions to perform Paramedic treatment during Combat, and 3 Rounds to perform CPR. Note that the Medical Doctor Skill provides a +3 to Paramedic DF Checks. DF = 14

Pilot Skills

This basic piloting Skill includes the operation of all Vehicles. Provides a +1 bonus to Defend while in a vehicle at levels 1,4,7,and 10 of this Skill. Pilots cannot fire weapons and pilot at the same time unless they have the Vehicle Combat Skill. See the Foreign Environment Combat Section for further details. DF = 12

Prerequisite: Neural Interface. This skill allows pilots to use Probes in combat and recon situations. Probe pilots can perform their Skills through the Probe (this includes combat Skills) Operating a Probe is kind of like being in too places at the same, while the pilots actions can only be spent once, they can be spent on actions being carried out by the pilot or by the Probe.
Pilots can only use Probes that are equal to or lower than the level of their Pilot Probe Skill. DF 14

Specialist Skills

All Specialist skills also count as a skill from the stream that the Specialist belongs to ie:

  • Military Stream Specialist Skills count as Military Skills
  • Pilot Stream Specialist Skills count as Pilot Skills
  • Rogue Stream Specialist skills count as Rogue Skills
  • Technical Stream Specialist Skills count as Technical skills
  • Augment Stream Specialist Skills count as Medical Skills
  • Mystic Stream Specialist Skills count as Mystic Skills

Lasts until end of combat instead of 10 rounds.

- Battlefield Engineers Only
Field Repair is the ability to repair the AC of Vehicles, Exo-Systems and Body Armour during combat using repair Nanites, (Type A Knitters). This repair has two limitations: first it cannot be performed more than once in any combat. Second any armor repaired this way will be temporarily weakened, reducing its RF by 1 (as if it was struck with PD1). This reduction in RF is temporary and will wear off afet combat is over. This procedure cannot be performed on armor that does not have an RF. The time required to perform a Field Repair is one Action with a Speed Factor of 5. A failed DF Check means the damage was misdiagnosed and the repair fails, (this does not deplete the RF and the repair can be attempted again, but the nanites are expended). Note that using a Computer Program for this Skill is possible, but it is difficult to do during combat and requires an additional Action, at a Speed Factor of 3, and a Computer Systems Skill DF Check.
DF = 14

Using a four hour block and a Rogue Ops Skill, a Rogue can acquire any basic item equal too or less than the level of the skill used. For full details on this use of Rogues ops see the full write up here

Technical Skills

Requires Mechanics: level 3.
When a Character learns this Skill at level 1 it allows them to repair damaged Vehicles and to replace and reconfigure modular systems. Damaged Vehicle Armor can be repaired back up to full AC in 1 4-hour block. This Skill also allows for the upgrading of existing Vehicles with Vehicle Upgrades and Vehicle Options. In addition the character can add or remove Weapon Batteries, Deflector Fields and other Mounted Systems onto or off of Platforms. It takes 4 hours to repair or mount/un-mount a number of systems equal to the engineers skill level. At level 4 Characters can design and construct all types of Vehicles, equal to size class 2 per level. At level 4 only Open Vehicles can be constructed, at level 7 Closed Vehicles can be constructed and at level 10 Racers can be built. Thrusters, Repulsors and Platforms can also be built with this Skill. Maximum size of the Platform is equal to 1 EU per level. Vehicle Armor is also covered by this Skill and can be built at a maximum rate of 4 AC/level and 1 RF/level (limits based on the size and type of vehicle still apply).

In addition to the book rules detailed in the book and in The Tech Masters Handbook, this skill allows characters to build ammo:

Ammo Construction
10DR at levels 1,4,7, and 10 per level of the skill is created per 4-hour block. For example, at level 3, 30DR of ammo could be created in 1 block. At level 4, this increases to 80DR of ammo. Ammo DR is equal to the DR of the weapon it is used with (e.g. an arrow for a DR 10 bow is 10DR of ammo, and 8 arrows could be created per four hour block with the a level 4 Weapon Engineering). The Cost of Building Ammo is 1 Chip worth of Weapon and Armour Salvage per DR created.

A toolkit is required to build ammo.



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