Technical Stream

These are the people who create Nano-Technology, Cybernetics, and other super-technologies. The largest bonus from becoming a Tech-Master is that the Character’s knowledge attracts people. First, the Character gains a Patron. This Patron will allow the Character free reign as long as the Character shares all discoveries with the Patron. The Patron will provide a workspace, as well as tools and supplies to the Tech-Master. See below for the Patron Generation Table.


  • Technical Specialist
  • Electronics at level 6
  • Mechanics level 6
  • Nano Engineering level 6
  • Vehicle Engineering level 6
  • 1 other Technical Skill at level 6


  • +2 to Mental Strength Attribute
  • +2 to Save Vs. Mind
  • +2 to DF checks
  • Choose one Technical or Computer Skill. Your Character must fulfill any pre-requisites required for the chosen Skill. The Tech-Master receives this Skill at level 2.
  • Skills from the Technical and Medical Skill Groups are Uncapped
  • Technical Expertise – Equipment built by Tech Masters gains +1 to level at levels 1, 4, 7, and 10
  • Crunch Time – Tech Masters can forgo a single 4 hour block of sleep in favour of building a project. Crunch Time can only be used if it wasn’t used in the previous sleep cycle.
  • Master of Apprentices – Anyone assisting the Tech master to build projects is automatically successful.



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