Omni Affinity
Mental Strength at least 4 higher than the Racial Base Attribute score
4 Spells at level 6 or higher (eg. Fire, Ice, Spirit, and Aspect of Fire all level 6 or higher)


Gain War level 4

  • Fast cast
  • Augment weaponry

Rejuvenate 1 additional Mystic Point per hour.
Can learn Spirit Armour and Construct Rituals up to the level of the mages Spirit Spell
Construct Level limit is equal to the Level of the mages War Spell (requires Construct style)
+2 to strike with Spell Nodes
+2 to Defend while in a Construct
+3 to Initiative Bonus when wearing a Construct
+10 Mystic Points
War focus: Can spend Combat Pool Points on War Spells at a 2(Combat) to 1(Mystic) ratio


Z.A. amarbiter