Rest and refocus

The crew battles the horde and then takes a few days off

The horde surged and the crew fought. They were quickly overwhelmed and the battle was looking grim but they managed to figure out the Boobeast was keeping them from flying away and dispatched it as quickly as possible. The newly minted mages were battered and bloodied and the rest was crew was under siege when the flow of time stopped for the party. They took advantage of the respite to regroup and were able to escape with their lives.


Combat 24
Genaric 14

An hour or so latter they had opened a portal back to the bunker for a rest. The bunker had grown considerably since the last time they were there and they determined that a month had passed in what seemed like only a couple days for them. The people of the fissure had enlarged the bunker and moved the entire remaining population into it. Upon hearing the crews tale of the Omnimancers the Omish attitude towards them changed considerably, from one of grudging acceptance to one of reverence. Even the Mudtowners are impressed with the crew and everyone is pinning there hopes for the future on them.

The crew decided to spend some blocks recuperating from their ordeal and regenerating lost equipment. The Bunker Dwellers were co-operative with them giving them some quarters and being generally helpful. On the second day of rest the Ancient Keycom crackled to life and the Crew and Elder Tiberius where surprised to see a new face on the vidcom. The last survivors of zone Alpha were being over run and in desperation were attempting to make use of an ancient keycom. It turns out that the Necromancer had sent Ninjabots against them as well and the Zombie proof field they had managed to erect was destroyed. The Bunker Dwellers and the crew helped to relocate them to the abandoned tunnels of the old Omish Enclave where they are trying to hold off the horde while the Bunker dwellers enlarge the bunker to accommodate them.

The Crews interactions with powerful time traveling beings began to pay off as well as the Omish were guided by the Omnimancers to help the crew. They learned that the only item with enough vital energy in it in the zones is something called The Spike of Ral Khorax. The location of the spike is said to be in the central repository of Zone delta. The Cartography team used the bunker console to map out the safest route for the crew and they made plans to move out the next day. The central repository is the said to be the location of all the collected data for the project run in both zones. If there is a way out for the survivors the central repository will be the place to find it.

12 blocks with access to 2 zones.


Zombie Stalker

Chewface Zombue



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